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  1. J

    Leg amputation

    My dear lop 8 year old has increasing trouble with one back leg which now can't support him so he flops down frequently. Vets think it is arthritis so we are planning to x-ray to confirm and then amputate the leg. I think alternative in near future would be euthanasia. Has anyone had experience...
  2. A

    Possible Foreleg amputation

    My rabbit, Oreo, had a broken leg in August. The vet put him on meloxicam and cage rest, and he seemed to be doing well. In January, he started having issues with the leg again, holding it up and not using it much. The X-rays showed a lot of bone loss since the original fracture. The vet is...
  3. NotaCocoaPuff

    Help! wisdom, advice and encouragement on amputation!

    Hi all, My boy is facing amputation of his left hind leg next week. This was a hard decision but one that I feel will provide him the best quality of life. About 21/2 months ago I notice a growth on his hind leg, hock area. We initially started with antibiotics and a small incision and...