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  1. The Bunny Fiesta

    Bunny-Safe Christmas Tree....? Happy Christmas from Timmy and Esme!

    Check out this super cool DIY treat that I made for my rabbits on Christmas! See our Whole Bunny Christmas Party! here.
  2. The Bunny Fiesta

    Have you ever seen a Bunny Halloween Party?

    No.....? Well, I have good news for you, I just threw my bunnies a Halloween party.Check it out on your YouTube Channel:
  3. The Bunny Fiesta

    Easter Bunnies!

    Happy Easter fellow Easter Bunnies! Our hooman made us a super cool Easter Basket, with snacks we can actually eat, including "marshmallow Peeps"! Check out our Easter Party to see it: Our Hooman also included instructions for how to make the "peeps" as well as our Easter Basket (so your...
  4. The Bunny Fiesta

    Rabbit Educational Video (feel free to share)

    Hello! Not sure if this is then right place to post this, so please remove if its not allowed. WHile I normally have rabbit parties on my Youtube CHannel (The Bunny Fiesta), I thought I would make an informational video for anyone who is considering adding a pet rabbit to their families an/or...
  5. The Bunny Fiesta

    The Bunny Fiesta

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I recently my YouTube Channel called "The Bunny Fiesta." where as the name entails, we have bunnies and we have fiestas. I also make unique, fun , DIY Rabbit Treats and "how-to" "recipe" videos. I thought you guys would appreciate this If...