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  1. dogwoodblossoms

    What fresh foods or treats do your rabbits like?

    I’m curious on what others feed their rabbits as treats and fresh foods, I’ll start. - Basil (all my rabbits LOVE it) - Kale (I don’t give them lettuce so they love it as well) - Tomatoes [cherry] (I’d say about half of my rabbits like them) - Mint (this is their first time having it so I’m not...
  2. dogwoodblossoms

    Kits Spazzing Out

    Has anyone ever seen this? I have two Netherland Dwarf babies and their only 8 days old. They spazz out when I pick them up. Like jump out of my hands and almost a baby version of binkies and zoomies. It’s not like I haven’t socialized them. Anyways, they haven’t opened their eyes and it would...
  3. dogwoodblossoms

    The Life of Having a Herd

    I come down to feed the rabbits as soon as I wake up in the morning. I feed them their food but they each get something different; the three males get 16%, but I have to scatter two of the males pellets because they inhale it; the nursing mother gets 18%; the pregnant doe a week in gets a mix of...
  4. dogwoodblossoms

    Understanding 4H and 4H/ARBA show breeders

    Alrighty folks let’s talk about 4H and ARBA show-ers! The reason I’m writing this is I see a lot of hate towards us 4H-ers and I’d like to set that right. Now, if I receive any hate I’ll be reporting you. Understood? Now, for your information I’m doing lots of research on this so please, give...
  5. dogwoodblossoms

    The babies have arrived!

    I know I told some people that my pretty Primrose (profile pic) had expecting, and I know I’ve been absent which I apologize for. Primrose delivered two healthy broken colored babies on Sunday the 22nd around 10 am! Their five days old(four days old in the pictures I attached) now and look a...
  6. dogwoodblossoms

    Cleaning Messy Bums

    I have some fluffy butted buns on my hands and they have messy butts, any washing suggestions?
  7. dogwoodblossoms

    Previously Free Fed

    I have three rabbit I’ve adopted from previous homes, and they were all free fed. And I think this is a terrible way to feed rabbits. My other three rabbits are on a diet of 1/4 cup of pellets, unlimited hay, and fresh foods. I’m feeding the other three who were free fed the same amount, but...
  8. dogwoodblossoms

    Rug/Mat Suggestions?

    I have all my rabbits in XL dog crates (they each have the divider set so they can jump on it for more space) and I got these rubber like mats for the bottoms so they can’t slip. Only EVERY one of my rabbits has ripped it and chewed on it. It’s a pain and I don’t want them digesting that stuff...
  9. dogwoodblossoms

    New Here

    Hello all, I wasn't going to post this originally but what the heck. I'm a breeder and show-er. I own a small herd of Netherland Dwarfs. The first is Primrose, named after Primrose Everdeen from the Hunger Games. She's a none-showable broken chestnut pattern. She was my first rabbit after my...
  10. dogwoodblossoms

    Rabbit w/Odd Hair Loss

    Hi all! I just got this girl a week ago today and I noticed she has some weird skin on her nose-which is missing some fur-as well as her ears. I got her from her pervious owner, whom had bred her twice before she came to my herd. You obviously can't see her ears in this picture but can anyone...