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  1. Lois south

    Stress emergency help!

    Hello. I am moving to a new city for work and where I am does not have emergency vets. It seems that I have to wait till the morning. It was a 4 hour drive and both rabbits had hay and food. My one rabbit is very sensitive and I realised he wasn't really eating and then stopped eating. I tried...
  2. Lois south

    New female rabbit has scabs

    Hello everyone, I recently got a female bunny to bond with my male bun. Both a neutered. So far the pre bonding process is going well. However, when I was giving her pets today I discovered that she had three scabs on her sides, they don't look like mites, the seem like scabs on the shape of...
  3. Lois south

    Can rabbits eat callaloo?

    Hi Guys My neighbours, family friends and my parents have been giving me lots of callaloo also known as amaranth, that they have grown. I am up to my neck in it. Has anyone ever fed callaloo to their bunny before because I know that I can't finish it all on my own. Thanks
  4. Lois south

    Chocolate emergency help!

    Hello everyone. A piece of milk chocolate just fell on the floor and my rabbit ran up to it and took a super tiny bite (smaller than a finger nail). I dragged it away and literally wiped some of the remaining chocolate out of his mouth. I'm so scared i have no idea what to do. He drinks water at...
  5. Lois south

    Rabbit diet help!

    Hi guys I have no idea if I'm feeding my rabbit correctly. I have read a lot online and sometimes sources don't agree. I went to my vet and they literally said they know nothing about rabbit nutrition (they are incredibly trash and I'm currently looking for a new vet). He is 4 month old mini lop...
  6. Lois south

    Scab on back

    Guys I just found a scab on my indoor rabbits back. A week ago the vet said he has fleas and hes on a course of this ointment thing for it. His nails are also getting long and he would let me touch them so I'm taking him to have them done next week. I have no idea what could have caused the...
  7. Lois south

    Fleas from hay???

    Hi everyone. Today I took my new rabbit Cinnabun to the vet for the first time to get his vaccines. When the vet was checking him, she found 1 flea. She gave me xeno 450 spot on to treat it. She told me that since he is an indoor rabbit and there are no other pets in my house, that he could have...
  8. Lois south

    Flies and fly spray

    Hi guys I've been reading a lot of articles on fly strike mites recently and I'm terrified. My dad has been leaving our doors open for long periods of time and loads of flies keep finding there way into my rabbit room. I have taken all the precautions recommended online, his room is clean and...