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  1. Mariah

    Kinda new !

    Hello everyone bun! I haven't posted here in a long time, so thought I should reintroduce myself & my buns ☺️ Im Mariah, from Ontario, Canada. I have two pretty cute buns- Kiwi (black & white spayed doe, who's 5), & Papaya ( grey, white & orange buck who is neutered, & he's 4.
  2. Mariah

    Ontario Bunny Owners ?

    Anyone live in Ontario ? Specifically near Hamilton ?
  3. Mariah

    Just hay eaters ?

    Does anyone else have buns with very sensitive tummys, who only eat hay ? Both my buns cannot handle any veggies or pellets. They both only eat Timothy hay, orchard hay ,& organic hay- all oxbow brand. They get one or two treats a day- the oxbow Timothy treat
  4. Mariah

    Kiwi & Papaya

    I don't know what to do. I have two buns- kiwi & papaya. Kiwi is 5 & Papaya is 4. I have a basement apt (walk out), so lots of light. I met my boyfriend 2 years ago, & he lives 4 mins from where my buns are. The apt that my buns have (bunny house), the my parents live in the upstairs portion of...
  5. Mariah

    Kiwi & Papaya ~ New blog! ~

    Hello my fellow bunny lovers! A lot of you already know me, as I go through spurts of when I post on here. Jbun, where are you?! I thought I would start a new blog for my bunnies & myself as the other one was quite long. For those of you who dont know me, here is some background...
  6. Mariah

    Cookie (5 month old lion head x) not excited to eat this morning

    Hi guys, This is pretty much my first "sick" post about Cookie. A little background info about her: She was found outside in Dec, and we estimated her to be able 4 weeks old. She made it through, and is about 5 months now. All has been well- she was treated for coccidia back in Dec/ Jan...
  7. Mariah

    Adult bunnies- alfalfa hay

    I was at work all day, & my mother stopped in. She thought the bunnies looked hungry, & fed Kiwi & Papaya (aged 2 & 3) a handful of alfalfa hay... Im sick with worry, as I was just finishing nursing Kiwi through a bout of stasis... How worried should I be?? Kiwi was already on cisapride...
  8. Mariah

    Kiwi is sick.. again...

    Hi everyone, As a lot of you know, Kiwi my holland lop (3 years old), has chronic GI issues. She is on reduced pellets, but I had her up to 21 pellets twice a day, & she seemed to be doing so well. This morning, I fed at 6am, she was happy & eating. I went to get ready for work, & when I came...
  9. Mariah

    Small fight between two bonded buns :(

    As a lot of you know, I have kiwi & papaya. Kiwi is a 3 year old holland lop, & papaya is a 2 year old fuzzy holland lop. They have been bonded for close to a year now. It took me 6 months for the two of them to love each other. Kiwi is spayed, Papaya is neutered. They do everything together...
  10. Mariah

    How much time do you spend with your buns?

    I have three bunnies. Kiwi & Papaya are bonded, & live together. Apricot is just 7 weeks old, & hasent met Kiwi & Papaya yet. I live in an open concept basement apt. It's a walk out, so lots of natural light. Kiwis & Papayas run is set up in my bedroom. Apricot is right outside my bedroom...
  11. Mariah

    I cut Papaya's skin :(

    Papaya is a fuzzy lop, so he's constantly matted. He was shaved about 2 weeks ago, but still has hair, & needs to be brushed. So, I was doing my weekly groom, & noticed he had poo stuck to his tail & "private" area. I am always so so so careful. Well tonight, I cut him. I feel TERRiBlE. I gave a...
  12. Mariah

    Papaya- extra cecotrophs

    Hey guys, Sorry, heres another health & wellness thread for my buns, but this time its about Papaya. Im trying to not panic... Hes ok... Hes still eating his hay (timothy) and pellets. drinking water, peeing & pooing. My problem is off & on. He usually does his cecotrophs in the day. When I go...
  13. Mariah

    Rescued baby bunny from outside (lion head)

    Hi guys, I need some help. I work at a vet clinic, & a client brought in a bunny which looks to be a domestic bunny- a lion head. It's super tiny & I believe it should be with its mama still. Eyes are open, but it's no more then 4-5 weeks old. I offered critical care- it ate some, but not a...
  14. Mariah

    Kiwi & Papaya- the adventures of!

    Hi guys! I'm back! I used to post on here a lot, but life happened... Anyways I'm back now & very happy to be. So here's the info on my buns: Kiwi Lemon child: she's a broken black (black & white) holland lop doe who is spayed. She's 3 & I've had her since she was 8 weeks old. Papaya...
  15. Mariah

    The lives of Kiwi & Papaya!

    As per request, I am starting a blog on my little monkeys- Kiwi Lemon Child & Little Papaya! To start: Kiwi is a 1.5 year old broken black, spayed Holland Lop doe. Papaya is a 6.5 month old broken opal, neutered Fuzzy Holland Lop buck. Kiwi lost her mate Citrus back in April. She...
  16. Mariah

    Who has a lop (any type of lop) who's ears never lopped?

    Hello! Me again! I have two lops- Kiwi and Papaya. Kiwi is a holland lop who's ears took FOREVER to lop! They finally did. So I also have Papaya- he is a fuzzy holland lop. He's 6 months old now, neutered and his ears are either airplanes or they are up still! Sometimes if he's just...
  17. Mariah

    Long haired bunnies!

    I have Papaya- a 6 month old neutered fuzzy holland lop! He is so fuzzy! If I don't brush him about 3 times a week, he gets mats and looks all scruffy. I'm wondering if I should start giving him Papaya tablets to help with the amount of hair he probably eats when grooming himself?
  18. Mariah

    Kiwi & Papaya

    Ok, I know a lot of you have been following my threads on Kiwi & Papaya. I decided to start a new one with both of there issues in it. Kiwi- 1.5 spayed holland lop doe. Papaya- 6 month old neutered fuzzy holland lop buck. Info about both: 1/3 cup of oxbow Timothy pellets morning and...
  19. Mariah

    When are your bunnies most active?

    Mine seem to be most active around 1000-1030 PM and this is the time I need to put them to bed so I can go to bed! I feel horrible putting them back in their houses for the night :(
  20. Mariah

    A little bit of a poopy bum?

    Hello, me again! So to those that don't know- papaya is a 6 month old fuzzy lop who was neutered about 4 weeks ago. He's a happy little dude! Anyways, I've noticed he's not eating all his cecotrophs. I'll find some stuck to his cage floor and some was even stuck to his foot tonight which I...