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  1. CCWelch

    Word Association - 2011

    Q-tips Bunnies leave footprints on our hearts.
  2. CCWelch

    The Genie game

    Your wish is granted but now its gonna get too hot. I wish this sinus infection would go away. Bunnies leave footprints on our hearts.
  3. CCWelch

    The food game

    Taco pizza Bunnies leave footprints on our hearts.
  4. CCWelch

    Hee Hee... What colour?

    I am gonna guess the X at the end of the tattoo is the sign it is a cross. Many people have tattooed crossbreds, especially if they get shown at county fairs.that require all Bunnies leave footprints on our hearts.
  5. CCWelch

    Breeder Head Count

    Thank you! Sent from my SGH-T759 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  6. CCWelch

    Breeder Head Count

    Well, maybe I should update. Welch Rabbitry now raises Beverens in both Blue and White, Giant Chinchillas, English Spots in Black, Gray and Chocolate, and Californians. My greatest success to me was Best Opposite White Beveren at Nationals this year! Sent from my SGH-T759 using Rabbit Forum...
  7. CCWelch

    BOB awards, what works, what doesn't?

    So, they loved the coffee mug idea, then our treasurer dropped the ball and didn't get them ordered. Someone at the meeting popped up with a medallion that had our info on it and was done locally, it was more expensive but she chipped in $100-guess who is going to tell them to stuff it next time...
  8. CCWelch

    Do Mini Lops carry the Dwarfing Gene??

    This goes back a while... But from my understanding, a properly bred Britannia Petite does not have a dwarfing gene so therefore cannot have peanuts. Sent from my SGH-T759 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  9. CCWelch

    CCWelch's 2011 Rabbit Collection

    Well, I know I haven't been here in a while... I don't even have most of those breeds anymore. I have Beverens in both blue and white, Giant Chinchillas, English Spots, Californians, and a pair of Champagne d' Argents. Trucker is still here until our Iowa State convention, then he is going on...
  10. CCWelch

    Adopted and Wondering Mix

    I was actually thinking a holland/mini cross. It has the right size for a mini but the wrong head. Sent from my SGH-T759 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  11. CCWelch

    My first show!!!

    Besides finding out your rabbit is a mini lop, did the judge have any other comments? Sent from my SGH-T759 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  12. CCWelch

    I'm gonna start showing.

    My suggestion would be to go to an ARBA sanctioned show just to watch a time or two before actually showing. Ask questions of breeders and watch what they do when the breed is called to the table. Some breeds go in alphabetical order by color, and generally sr bucks go up first( if I remember...
  13. CCWelch

    What are the genders??

    I agree with Pam, but I would like to know how soon you plan on getting rid of them? if they are 5 weeks, unless you are selling to another breeder you still have 3 or more weeks.
  14. CCWelch

    Possible Confirmed breed now?

    Definitely not a Mini Rex. I would say you've got your self a fine mixed breed rabbit. Exactly a mix of what...who knows.Just love him and raise him, they don't have to be a specific breed to be loved.
  15. CCWelch

    Don't-like breeds?

    I really don't care for Britannia Petites, after watching the judge avoid the mouth and head at the ARBA Convention, it just made me realize that would definitely not be the breed for me. (But I do raise Checkered Giants...go figure)
  16. CCWelch

    Trying to sell Jack...

    Do not respond, if they cannot actually use the word bunny or rabbit, they know nothing about them. My guess...PETA members. Tell them you are sorry but the "pet" had been sold to a bunny home....or worse, tell them you ate
  17. CCWelch

    Breeder Head Count

    Corely Welch Welch Rabbitry I have Blue and White Beverens, Blue Checkered Giants, Californians, New Zealands(White and Broken Red), Satins (White, Red, and Copper) and English Spots in Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gray, and Lilac. My most important wins have been BOB's on my Beverens My short term...
  18. CCWelch

    Need advice from breeders about a Doe I have in foster care.

    Also singletons do develop much faster and larger than larger litters because it basically wants for nothing. I think that it crossed with the Jersy Wooly and the 3 bigger kits were just ones that got the double regular gene Big Ugly Bunnies, it would have been nearly impossible for a Flemish...
  19. CCWelch

    Male or Female

    At 5 weeks with the pressure applied the males will "pop" out the females generally will not. Remember Girls are a taco and boys are a donut.
  20. CCWelch

    Male or Female

    Wow, I am getting to where I can sex them at 3-4 weeks but it takes practice. I used to be able to tell pretty accurately at 3 to 4 days but I got out of rabbits for too long.