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  1. Imbrium

    Until the next lifetime, Nallies!

    Our beloved Nala passed away last night, just two months shy of ten years old. We knew her time was coming, and we got to talk to her about it and say goodbye and she died in my arms. I have no doubt that we will meet her again in another lifetime if she doesn’t come back to us in this lifetime.
  2. Imbrium

    Nala-bunny's wall-of-shame (please contribute!)

    I have a couple extra days off from work this week and decided to use some of that spare time for a fun project - publicly shaming my family! Here are some of the many things our menagerie is guilty of... I can't wait to see what the rest of you come up with :D.
  3. Imbrium

    Whisker eating >.<

    This is the face of someone who eats whiskers. I recently noticed some short whiskers on one side of Barnaby's face and I was a little bit concerned but I thought maybe Harley just got overzealous about grooming and they'd grow back... But last night when I had them out, I noticed that ALL of...
  4. Imbrium

    Nala's tell-all blog! Quad-bonding and more! Nala, Alice, Harley Quinn and Barnaby (aka Big Bunny).

    My first blog, Nala and Gaz, was started in late 2012. I left the forums around 3/2014, when our beloved Gazzles died. I resurrected it on page 35 in Jan 2019 when I returned to the forums after our "son" (Layne) died of GI stasis on 1/19/19. While JBun helped me find my old blog threads, I...
  5. Imbrium

    Introducing two new fuzzy family members (PICS)!

    I posted the story of these two in my now-resurrected blog: Nala and Gaz But, here are the pics! Barnaby (the big ol' Californian), Harley Quinn (the Dutch with amazingly blue eyes) and Nala (my prized little Lionhead, who I've had since she was 7 weeks old... she turns 7 years in a couple...
  6. Imbrium

    Frequency of aspirin dosing?

    I know how much aspirin to give in a dose thanks to medirabbit, but it doesn't say how *often* to give it... just gave Nala a dose around 11:30 pm and plan to take her to the vet at 8 am...
  7. Imbrium

    Layne (aka "Lambers," "Son," "Mr. Britches" and a few others) 1/19/19

    September 4th, 2015 ("gotcha day") - January 19th, 2019... that just wasn't anywhere near enough time together. It's a little weird figuring out what to call him in his obituary, as Layne had way to many nicknames! Incoming huge wall-o-text... sorrynotsorry, lol... when all this happened, I...
  8. Imbrium

    Need a new place to buy 3rd cut timothy (RIP sierra valley hay)

    I bought hay last fall. I just realized it was time to buy more and went to the Sierra Valley Pet Hay website to place an order, same as I've been doing for the last 5+ years... only to discover that they've shut down!! URGH. I have some seriously finicky bunnies. No one will eat the feed...
  9. Imbrium

    Is anyone actively in need of Critical Care? (FREE bag; expires next month)

    I just found the bag of Critical Care that I was looking for last month to see if I could spare someone having to order one online *facepalm*. It expires next month and the odds of me needing it in the next few weeks are slim to none (and I already got a new bag anyway). I hate to throw away...
  10. Imbrium

    Nala and Gaz get a "Nermal" [a journal on trio bonding]

    Right before I left for my foster program orientation class at the Houston SPCA, I was teasing Roo (our older cat) and warning him that if he didn't behave himself, I might bring home a replacement for him from the shelter... but then I quickly admitted that he knew I'd never get rid of him no...
  11. Imbrium

    Ways to track down a tattoo?

    I adopted a rabbit from the HSPCA Sunday evening. I was more than a little surprised to see a tattoo when I looked in his ear today! It certainly explains a lot about this rabbit's ridiculous temperament - he got dumped at the shelter four days before Christmas because he was "too big" (though...
  12. Imbrium

    Worst Christmas present EVER (for a bunny)!!

    The bunnies of RO had wonderful Christmases - mine got a dig pool, others got toys, one got a new indoor hutch and any bunnies that didn't get actual presents still got lots of love! One non-RO bunny, though, got the worst early Christmas present a bunny could get - on December 21st, Thumper's...
  13. Imbrium

    clueless about smart phones and need advice!

    so a friend randomly offered me her old iphone 3 for $100, which is on the low end of the going rate for them. I HATE AT&T with the fire of a thousand suns... but begrudgingly started to consider selling my soul for a $100 smart phone because, you know, **** good deal and all. I pulled up the...
  14. Imbrium

    *grumble* I try to be helpful and all I get for it is "screw you!!"

    GRRRRR... so people have been asking quite a bit about nail trimming and/or how to flip their bunny over for whatever reason they need to... I thought I'd be helpful and make a nice "how to" video showing how to clip bunny nails, because a video's so much more helpful than trying to explain...
  15. Imbrium

    my bunnies are broken!!

    I ordered a whole bunch of treats to sell on my website for sugar gliders and, to a lesser degree, bunnies. they arrived today... I dug through the boxes, going straight for the banana chips, and then rushed into the bunny pen to give them their first ever banana chips - you know, that treat...
  16. Imbrium

    picture size

    I can understand fixing it so that pictures don't turn out HUGE like they always used to... but now they turn out stupidly tiny no matter what you do. is there a way to find a happy medium where everything isn't "thumbnail" size? ><
  17. Imbrium

    black oil sunflower seeds/oats, etc.

    I know I've heard some of you breeder/shower types mention a specific mix of black oil sunflower seeds, oats and maybe some other stuff for improving a rabbit's condition but can't recall exactly what the mixture is or how much of it should be fed... could someone who uses something like that...
  18. Imbrium

    catching up...

    I followed a LOT of blogs back before I fell off the face of the earth. while I plan to eventually go back, read through them all and get caught up on everything, that's going to take a ton of time - given how busy I am these days, I'd guesstimate that it'll be a couple months before I'm fully...
  19. Imbrium

    Sierra Valley hay

    someone mentioned a little while back about sierra valley hay... I checked their prices and was surprised at how reasonable the costs (including shipping) were for large volumes of hay. I ended up ordering a thing of oat hay 'cause I'm displeased with the cost of oxbow's and that's the only...
  20. Imbrium

    cooldown on reporting

    is it really necessary to have a 60 second cooldown on reporting messages? I'm not about to sit here for 21+ minutes waiting out the cooldown over and over so I can report every freaking post some dip**** has made with the same advertisement - they joined today and EVERY SINGLE POST has been...