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  1. Holland_Lop


    My bunkeeps standing outside his litter box while he eats his hay, instead of jumping inside. So, to keep him from peeing and pooping on his cage, i've been placing newspaper down to catch the pee and poop. Im afraid that it's not safe to have him sitting on newspaper? What do you think?
  2. Holland_Lop

    Does your bunny do this while he plays?

    When russ is around the room playing and exploring he will quickly stand on his back feet with his front paws infront of him and he will shake really fast from head to toe. Its like a dog coming in from outside and shaking the water out of his fur. ive always thought it wassign he was...
  3. Holland_Lop

    crusty fur around chin and mouth

    russell began his teeth probelms about 8 months ago when I came home to find his entire left side of his face soaked. He got his teeth trimmed, and with a large variety of fresh veggies and hay Ive managed to keep his teeth trimmed. The other day I noticed that under his chin the fur is matted...
  4. Holland_Lop

    exquisicat paper pellet litter

    I just bought exquisicat fragrance free paper pelleted bedding. According to the bag they do not add chemicals or anything...its just recycled paper pellets. I had been using yesterdays news but always looking for a cheaper alternative. I noticed though that there is a smell with the litter, and...
  5. Holland_Lop

    Dashing and Zipping around

    When Russell has play time, he often lounges around and plays with his toys. However, sometimes he will dash around the room like a nut, and then go from sitting peacefully to running frantically to his cage, zooming up the three floors. It's really funny, but i hope it is a sign he his happy...
  6. Holland_Lop

    Bringing a Bun Outside

    Just curious, when I brought Russ home it was winter, and he was just a few months old, so I never took him outside. Now its warm outside, and I am debating whether I should take him outside. I live in a very woodsie area, with wild life galore..including neighborhood dogs and coyotes which...
  7. Holland_Lop

    Hair Loss

    My male holland lop is almosta year, this is the first summer that Ive had with him...and thought that he was shedding because of the heat. For a month now I have been grooming him on a regular basis because i noticed chunks of hair falling out around his tail. EverytimeI brush him I manage to...
  8. Holland_Lop

    Tiny Ants in Litter Box

    So the past few weeks i've noticed here and there little ants in my indoor rabbit cage. I would clean out his cage every time I noticed them, and make sure there was nothing but his toys, litter box, and hay in the cage. Now, im finding tiny little ants crawling in his litterbox! This is very...
  9. Holland_Lop

    Months after being altered and Bunny's Behavior is at it's worst

    I have posted before about the behavior issues with my 10 month old holland lop buck, and I unfortunately find myself in an even worse situation. For a little background information, my darling bunny is 10 months old, and has been altered for four months. Prior to his surgery, he had not shown...
  10. Holland_Lop

    Holland Lop Owners with Teeth Issues

    I've mentioned this in other blogs, but I am curious how many other holland lop owners are dealing with a situation similar to mine. My male holland lop is 8 months old, and has already had his teeth trimmed due to eye issues and such. Because of his young age, I am concerned what the future...
  11. Holland_Lop

    ANTS in my bunnies cage!

    Today I noticed an Ant in my bunnies cage. Spring has arrived, and with that many unwanted insects. I normally set out ant traps to avoid these critters, but I am hesitant to do so because I wouldn't want to harm my bunny. Any advice as to how to keep these insects out of my bunnies territory...
  12. Holland_Lop

    Bunny Behavior got worse after being Neutered..HELP

    My male holland lop, who is about 8 months old, has always hated being picked up but otherwise was very sweet. I had to bring him to the vet about2 months ago because his eye was leaking due to teeth problems. While at the vet, she had suggested that we get him fixed since he would have to be...