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  1. LetaRayn

    Can two males bond?

    Hello guys I have un neutered male rabbit, he is almost 3 years. And there is another male rabbit I want to rescue and he is also un neutered. My question is can they bonded even both of them are males and not neutered? Can being them living together is possible? Is there any tips or tricks...
  2. LetaRayn

    Travelling in a plane?

    Hello Iam about to leave the country for good in a few months and I want to take my guy with me. He is almost three years unneutered boy. the problem is he gets scared from any thing and he not used to get out. where I live they didn't allow pets in the plane with me but in cargo compartment...
  3. LetaRayn

    Ear scratching?

    Hello there Is there is a reason why dose my rabbit scratches his ears irritationly and hard after I touch his ears a little through petting him? I started to avoiding touching his ears to avoid this, even if a hair touches his ears he will start scratching hard. He wouldn't do this if someone...
  4. LetaRayn

    Is there a connection Between rabbit’s ear Infections and Allergies?

    Im just wondering if there is a connection Between rabbit’s ear Infections and Allergies? My rabbit had an ear infection in Autumn and I took to the vet and everything became fine after two weeks but now he has the same ear infection symptoms I notice in him. So is there any connection...
  5. LetaRayn

    Palm tree toys?

    Hello there I was wondering if a real palm tree leaves are safe for rabbits to eat(the one that give dates type). I have one at home and I want make toys for him. he ate leaves before and it didn't harm him at all but I want to make sure it's completely safe for him.
  6. LetaRayn

    Gurgling stomach!

    Hello guys My rabbit has an ear infection and the vet gave him antibiotics shot before 3 days his infection is almost healed but his stomach starts gurgling and making noises after that. I didn't change his diet or gave him anything cause gas or he is taking any medication. But he's fine, he's...
  7. LetaRayn

    Visiting the vet!

    Hello I have a huge problem which is my bunny is sick and he won't let me take him to the vet. It's his first time to go out and No matter how much I tried to track him with treats to get inside the cage he won't get in. I tried to take him in cartoon box but he didn't get in either. I...
  8. LetaRayn

    Please help me ASAP!

    Hello Please please help me if you can. my rabbit eat a rat poison about half hour ago but in a very little amount . And there is no vet know about rabbits near me nor clinic are open know and it's night her, so is there any thing I can do to help like make him eat more hay or any spsfic food...
  9. LetaRayn

    White urine?

    Hello guys I Have one and almost half year unneutered male rabbit. His urine is natural most of the time but maybe one time has a white urine in every one or two days. His diet is grass, basil, parsley and radish leaves and a little fruit. Is it normal to have this white urine almost every...
  10. LetaRayn

    Changing behavior!

    My one old year rabbit was free roaming the house in day and stay in his cage at night and he was completely around me liking me lot and want attention much. But when I made him free roaming in night too for month now he started to distance himself, he doesn't lick me much anymore or want...
  11. LetaRayn

    Didn't want to eat

    Hello My one year male rabbit wouldn't want to eat for 8 hours. He was fine eat and play then suddenly the symptoms of being uncomfortable and sick showing on him like hunch his stomach to ground until he isolated himself and didn't eat anything. I gave symithcon every hour and and force...
  12. LetaRayn

    I'm really confused?

    Hey guys Iam really confused about my rabbit's stomach. I hear only bubbling and nothing else not gurgling or any other symptoms of gas. In fact when the noises started he became very active and his apatite became larger. He is healthy boy, his pee and poop are very normal and now he's eating...
  13. LetaRayn

    Gurgling stomach?

    Hello My eight months bunny his stomach keeps gurgling alot, it's not that loudly but loud enough to hear when it's quiet. He doesn't has any other gas symptoms like pain or grinding his teeth or isolated him self. I didn't change anything in his diet in fact I cut all the treats for three...
  14. LetaRayn

    Is it normal?

    Hello guys How much the rabbit should poop to become healthy and did have specific time to do it? Because when I brought my seven months old before 5 months he pooped alot and all the time in the house and his litter box but he stoped pooing in the house and now he stoped doing it in the...
  15. LetaRayn

    Small drooping with tail?

    Hello I've noticed that my six months old rabbit has small drooping then normal and darker. It's look like olive with a tail in it and much dryer. His eating habits is very normal and acting too. Also his stomach is gurgling all the time but not in loud noises, I only can hear it when I put my...
  16. LetaRayn

    What is this?

    Hello guys Today when I picked up my rabbit I noticed something near the private eara and I didn't know what is it? When I bought it they told me she is a female but know I think she is a male so I will put some pictures to the private eare and I hope you guys know what is it? Is there...
  17. LetaRayn

    Alternative solution?

    Hey So I'm searching these days on the net for alternative solutions for spaying my rabbit but I couldn't find anything useful. she is almost 6 months and I don't want to spaye her because here in my country the vets didn't really have enough experience in such surgery , it's just not common...
  18. LetaRayn

    Help!! Change behavior

    Hello I got a girl her name hanna about week age, I don't know her actual age because the previous owner didn't know when she was born but I think she 4_5 months old.we made a beautiful bond together she licks me, let me pet and even pee on me but as I live with my family she starts to pay...