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  1. Tauntz

    Yesterday's News Litter

    Just found has Yesterday's News Original Unscented Litter 30 pound bags for $14.99 including free shipping. I can't find it locally at that price in the pet stores so I thought I would pass the link along for those bunny parents who use it for their buns! Here's the link...
  2. Tauntz

    Horse Stall Pellets for Litter?

    Anyone use these from Tractor Supply: I use the Yesterday's News or the pet store brand equivalent when I can get to our pet store but we do have a Tractor Supply & thought I would ask since so...
  3. Tauntz

    New Spring Bunny Fashion Show

    Welcome to the first annual Spring Bunny Fashion Show! Our first model is Hope. Hope is sporting her new "Bunny Love" harness in totally feminine bright pink with hearts! Perfect for a quick hop in the garden! Attached is the royal blue bungee leash to complete the ensemble until we have...
  4. Tauntz

    Just need to vent!

    I went to the online site for our local news/weather channel & while checking on weather news came across this: I'm just appalled & sickened by this zoo killing a perfectly healthy, young...
  5. Tauntz

    Hay Question - I Want/Need to Know

    Okay, I know this is probably one of the dumbest questions asked but I want to know the answer please, I understand bunnies have a very sensitive digestive tract that requires horse-quality hay. So my question is how do you know the difference when purchasing hay from a feed store, whether...
  6. Tauntz

    New Year Bunny Resolutions

    Normally I don't get into this "New Year Resolution" thing but thought it would be good bunnywise. So my New Year Bunny Resolution is to put together 1) a list of common bunny emergency situations & 2) a bunny emergency kit with my own medical emergency guide for handy assistance in an...
  7. Tauntz

    Bunny Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

    Hi, everybun! I'm Faith & the little white with black markings ball of fluff hiding there is my little sister, Hope. We are affectionately called, the bunny girls by "mom!" Mom aka Tauntz introduced herself & us awhile back but thought we should have our own blog to chronicle our day to day...
  8. Tauntz

    Sneaky Bunny Mom

    My buns had been eating the Oxbow Essentials. I recently bought the Oxbow Beneterra pellets as they were out of the Essentials. My bunnies mostly get their pellets as a treat. So I was giving them their treat Beneterra pellets & both buns sniffed & stuck up their nose. Neither one would even...
  9. Tauntz

    Anyone Spin Rabbit Fur?

    I've been told Jersey wooly & angora bunny fur can be spun for yarn. I'm interested in learning more & possibly learning to spin the fur of my two Jersey wooly girls. Think it could be a fun hobby & use for bunny fur. Thanks for any info to assist me in learning more about spinning bunny fur.
  10. Tauntz

    Bermuda Hay for Horses & Rabbits?

    I've been checking a bit around my area for hay bales for my buns. So far the only thing I can find in horse hay is Bermuda hay. Is that a good hay for my buns? My buns have been eating Oxbow or Kaytee Timothy & Orchard Grass from my local pet stores. I can get a bale of Bermuda hay for half...
  11. Tauntz

    Help! Worried Changes in Eating

    I have two sister does. Tonight as I was giving them their treats, my Hope did not come running nor did she eat anything I tried to give her. This is totally unlike my little Hope. I'm going to call the vet & try to get her there first thing in the morning. I'm so worried. After she turned...
  12. Tauntz

    Sherwood Forest Rabbit Food

    Just thought I would pass this info along: You can now order your Sherwood Forest Pellets through Drs Foster & Smith. Maintenance & Show Formula: 4.5 pounds - $10.99 & 12 pounds - $24.99 That's the same price on the 4.5 pound bags as when I purchased it directly (well 4 cents more if you...
  13. Tauntz

    Flooring Question

    Okay, I'm still looking for better floor covering options for my bunnies. While online today I found this & it sounded perfect to me (if I can find it locally)...
  14. Tauntz

    Hay Questions

    I have two Jersey wooly bunnies. I've had recommended to me by their vet getting a bale or half bale of hay & wanted more input from here. My questions: 1. How do you keep your bale of hay so that it stays fresh/good to feed? I don't have a barn with or without other animals. 2. How long...
  15. Tauntz

    Need a Little Vent

    Hope this is okay & if it is I have it in the right spot. Yesterday I had to go to a nearby pet store to pick up a few things. Anyway so I am running all around the store trying to get everything I need & they have bunnies. A salesperson asks if they can help me & so I ask about the bunnies...
  16. Tauntz

    Bunny Safe House Plants?

    Just wondering if there is a list of safe house plants for bunnies? I know on several sites there is a list of safe plants for birds but not sure about the bunnies. Also, is there a list of toxic plants to avoid & what to do should your bunny ingest an unsafe plant? Thanks for any assistance...
  17. Tauntz

    Toy Recommendations

    As a new first time bunny mom I thought I would ask for recommendations for toys. 1. Toys for bunny to play with alone or with bunny friend? 2. Toys for interactive play with human family members? 3. Trick training toys/ideas? Also, would this be a good interactive toy for a...
  18. Tauntz

    Introducing My Bunnies!

    Hi, everyone! I introduced myself about a year ago while I was researching bunnies as a possible addition to my family. Shortly after my introduction I lost the site link & just a little while back found Rabbits Online again! So glad I did! Hope to continue learning & helping others to be...
  19. Tauntz

    Hello & Introduction

    Hello, everyone! I'm a big animal lover & have been researching to find a good match for my family. I'm a very hands-on person & love to spend time petting & training my companion pets. Growing up we had cats mostly & a couple of dogs but with my present home, I do not feel that either would...