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  1. ChocoClover

    2014 Cages You've Made

    I made these cages from scratch. For instructions, go here.
  2. ChocoClover

    2014 Cages You've Made

    I used the exact same cage for my (sadly deceased) bunny!
  3. ChocoClover

    Is this an ear infection?

    I'm worried about my bunny Maya. She will sway back and forth with her head when she sits still, and I'm really hoping it's not vertigo. It's not dramatic or fast, but definitely noticeable. :nono She has no head tilt. Her energy levels are normal, and she is eating and drinking...
  4. ChocoClover

    Red swollen eye lids!!

    My buns often have excess cecotropes when I change pellets. I've found a brand I like now, so that doesn't happen anymore, but it's something to look into. Not sure if that's the usual reaction for a diet change, though. Your bun isn't going to die from fast breathing and underweight. If his...
  5. ChocoClover

    EMERGENCY! Please Help Him!

    How did this turn out?
  6. ChocoClover

    What to do about an awful breeder?

    you're right about that. You should at least ask her to clean her cages and feed them enough.
  7. ChocoClover

    What to do about an awful breeder?

    aww poor buns. she needs to be reported, it sounds like some serious neglect is going on here.
  8. ChocoClover

    Are females terrible?

    For a bonded pair, I think it would be better to have one female at least. Yes, I have noticed a difference. Females are more shy and seem to hate being picked up. However, one of my favorite rabbits, who is a really sweet but unfortunately unshowable mini Rex, is a female. Males are more...
  9. ChocoClover

    fodder for rabbits?

    I never have but I would imagine it is fine. Check online though.
  10. ChocoClover

    Wat's Ur Favorite Food?

    OATS OATS OATS!!! -Snowy fresh alfalfa from natural plants around the house -Shirley Romaine lettuce!!! -Theo
  11. ChocoClover

    Back with a new bunny and some questions!

    I let my rabbits run in the grass and they eat whatever they want. They will not eat anything poisonous that is growing. I'm not sure that they would eat something bad if it is dried, but google has an answer. Also, my rabbits eat pellets daily. They are not fat and lazy, and it is easier...
  12. ChocoClover

    Peanuts for a nursing mother for cannibalism prevention?

    I've never heard of a rabbit cannibalizing her babies directly from a breeder. I'm really not sure where all those horror stories come from. And excuse me, but BACON??????? Peanuts sound like a much better idea, simply because they are vegetarian. Rabbits are NOT omnivores and CANNOT eat...
  13. ChocoClover

    So nervous--tomorrow is the day!

    I don't think they would deem you unsuitable for pet ownership if you cried. It would just show that you were compassionate to all those sweet buns, and if that is grounds for a ban on pets for you, they're way too picky. How fun to be getting new rabbits! I just love doing that. Buns are so...
  14. ChocoClover

    2014 Cages You've Made

    It's not really fair, I know... I'm such a farm girl 😊 Made these WITHOUT ADULTS (power tools were meant for 15 year old girls). Designed them on the computer, calculated the amount of wood and wire needed, and built them. Very proud (haha).
  15. ChocoClover

    C&c cage lid?

    If you want to wake up every day to poo on the floor and a missing bunny, forget the top. If you want your bun to stay safely in his cage where he can't chew any dangerous wires or get into tangles behind the fridge, put a top on. Buns can jump really high (you'd be surprised) so a top would...
  16. ChocoClover

    Feeding Instructions

    You need to free-feed alfalfa-based pellets and hay for the first six months. Gradually cut back to a regular amount based on weight -- quarter cup per five pounds doesn't sound like enough-- but keep free feeding hay. Give some fresh veggies once the lil guy is a bit older, but keep it below...
  17. ChocoClover

    I have a new unexpected baby rabbit...need some advice!

    Yes, great for you to do that. I hope they all get great homes. I breed rabbits and take responsibility for all babies. The non-show worthy ones go to pet homes and the show worthy ones either stay with me or go to other homes. It sounds like she needs a new plan for her culls, or she should...
  18. ChocoClover

    URGENT: Week old bunny poop is light tan?

    When my buns poop turned that color, he died a few dys after. I was heartbroken. If you find out what the disease is, please say; I'm still not sure what my little Otis died from. I've heard cottontails are really hard to care for. You should probably get him to a wildlife rehabber. Cows...
  19. ChocoClover

    Should my bun live in the shed?

    A shed is good so long as the bun gets adequate lighting everyday. Buns are very good with cold and as long as you keep them out of the wind and water, they are good. It's actually the heat you have to worry about. I should know. I live in Wisconsin, where it is -25 Fahrenheit in the winter...
  20. ChocoClover

    Toys for a Small Bun

    Plastic may not e the best idea. Every time I put something plastic in a bun cage, I end up taking it out a few days later because they chew it. You don't really need to buy a bunch of toys to make your bun happy. It's great that you did. If he chews through all of yours though, you could...