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  1. MistyBun25

    Litter training troubles!

    I just made my 8 month old little boy a free range after he got neutered. He got neutered on June 10th and he seems to still be territory pooping. Could still be his hormones? He only seems to want to poop right next to my bed on the floor and also my bed. He loves to lay on my son's bed and...
  2. MistyBun25

    My female hates baby rabbits??

    So I know this may sound bizzar because baby rabbits have no hormones yet but I really do think my female bun hates baby rabbits and this is why. I have 3 rabbits total. My female is 3 years old, I have a male who is about 8 months old and also a recent adoption baby at 9 or 10 weeks old about...
  3. MistyBun25

    What's my rabbits color?

    So I just adopted this adorable Holland lop boy. I was told he is a broken blue but I'm not sure if that's what he is. I was thinking magpie? He has some very light creme on his ears and a little on his nose but the rest is a dark and light blue/grey color. What do y'all think. He is very...
  4. MistyBun25

    Too Much Humping?!?

    So I just started bonding my pair. I have a boy and a girl bun that are both spayed and neutered. the boy was neutered about 4 weeks ago and the girl has been spayed for years.. My problem is, the boy bunny is humping a little too much and its his first time really doing that kind of thing. I...
  5. MistyBun25

    Rabbit aggression?

    So recently, we brought home a baby bunny. He's about 8 weeks old and we decided to get a new bunny because our rabbit now had a bonded buddy that passed away. She did not take his passing well and started acting different. Hid from me, she didn't do much moving around and only stayed on one...
  6. MistyBun25

    New bunny with soft poop

    I recently added a new adorable member to the family. He is a 8 week old Holland lop and he is simply perfect! Added him to be bonded to my girl, who is almost 3 years old, once he is neutered! But we have a concern. When we went to pick him up, we learned he was on a all pellet only diet. He...