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  1. Holland_Lop


    My bunkeeps standing outside his litter box while he eats his hay, instead of jumping inside. So, to keep him from peeing and pooping on his cage, i've been placing newspaper down to catch the pee and poop. Im afraid that it's not safe to have him sitting on newspaper? What do you think?
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  5. Holland_Lop

    Does your bunny do this while he plays?

    He does it a lot actually. He'll just shake out of no where from head to toe, usually while he is standing on his back feet. Sometimes it is followed by a mad dash or a jump so it does seem playful.
  6. Holland_Lop

    Does your bunny do this while he plays?

    When russ is around the room playing and exploring he will quickly stand on his back feet with his front paws infront of him and he will shake really fast from head to toe. Its like a dog coming in from outside and shaking the water out of his fur. ive always thought it wassign he was...
  7. Holland_Lop

    bunny IQ test?

    Does anyone have a link of where to purchase this online? My rabbit never plays with toys and I am always looking for a way to entertain him! This would be perfect because he's always excited about food!
  8. Holland_Lop

    Disciplining for peeing....too harsh?

    Tweetiepy wrote:
  9. Holland_Lop

    Problem with Cookie peeing

    My bun has been neutered for almost 5 months, and he still pees on my bed. He is really good about his pee habits, never has an accident, but the second he gets on my bed the tail goes up and he's ready to mark his spot! it's terrible! So, im not sure that behavior will ever stop for you, bc it...
  10. Holland_Lop


    My bun was shedding for almost 2 months, it was crazy. All summer I was grooming him for hours. Now he has a beautiful coat! I was really nervous too, but its normal. As long as you don't notice bald spots or anything!
  11. Holland_Lop

    crusty fur around chin and mouth

    Right now he's eating a small hand full of pellets in the morning, unlimited kaytee timothy hay and sometimes i also give him oat hay. In the evening he gets a large salad containing 3-4 different veggies that include; brussel sprouts, parsley, cilantro, raddichio, kale, swiss chard, romaine...
  12. Holland_Lop

    crusty fur around chin and mouth

    he does get unlimited hay. he's always munching on it. ive taken him to the vet every 3 months or so to get his teeth checked since his first episode in jan. he's only a year old, so he's only had his teeth trimmed once. when he saw the vet 4 months ago she thought he would only need his teeth...
  13. Holland_Lop

    crusty fur around chin and mouth

    russell began his teeth probelms about 8 months ago when I came home to find his entire left side of his face soaked. He got his teeth trimmed, and with a large variety of fresh veggies and hay Ive managed to keep his teeth trimmed. The other day I noticed that under his chin the fur is matted...
  14. Holland_Lop

    exquisicat paper pellet litter

    I just bought exquisicat fragrance free paper pelleted bedding. According to the bag they do not add chemicals or anything...its just recycled paper pellets. I had been using yesterdays news but always looking for a cheaper alternative. I noticed though that there is a smell with the litter, and...
  15. Holland_Lop

    Lop ears

    my holland lop looks exactly like that picture when he hears something. Sometimes he lifts both ears at the same time, like if he is really startled by a loud noise or something.
  16. Holland_Lop

    Dashing and Zipping around

    sometimes he'll run just to his cage, sometimes he will run around the room, up the cage, do circles in the cage, then run back around the room. So im thinking he's just really silly. I just find it comical how he can go from so "calm" to dashing and zipping around.
  17. Holland_Lop

    Dashing and Zipping around

    When Russell has play time, he often lounges around and plays with his toys. However, sometimes he will dash around the room like a nut, and then go from sitting peacefully to running frantically to his cage, zooming up the three floors. It's really funny, but i hope it is a sign he his happy...
  18. Holland_Lop

    Getting a male fixed - what can I expect from him?

    I was advised to avoid jumping because of the fear he could tear his stitches. I wasn't given a cone, which is why he licked his stitches for days after. I read somewhere that he could sense something wrong and was cleaning the area. I first attempted to stop him, then realized he would probably...
  19. Holland_Lop

    Getting a male fixed - what can I expect from him?

    im sorry i realized that I forgot to answer what he will be like when he's home. My bun took a few hours but then ate his pellets and nibbled on hay. Its suggested that you give a bowl of water if he's normally given a bottle so that there is less work to get water. I did that..but he did...
  20. Holland_Lop

    Getting a male fixed - what can I expect from him?

    my male holland lop was fixed in january of this year, he was around 8 was a little soon but he needed to be put under for teeth problems so they went ahead and fixed him about $$$. $400 seems to be a lot though, his was about $250 and that was with pain meds before, after...