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    Rabbit Manure Flamethrower

    Not that I'm endorsing this, but when I saw this it cracked me up and thought I could share with people another way our rabbits are great.
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    Do Rabbits Eat Less In Warmer Temperatures?

    I know us humans do, so i was wondering about rabbits. See my buns always eat a certain amount. Now lately I've been noticing more pellets left in their dish. One explanation could be lately we've been busy so are feeding them later at night but the same time in the morning so its having a...
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    Pros/Cons Outdoor Hutch With Indoor Access

    Moving from an apartment to a two story ranch home soon (hopefully) and it got me thinking on how to house my two bonded Flemish. An idea was to buy an outdoor hutch and leave it on the patio with access to the kitchen so they can to go in and out as they please. Something that looks like this...
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    Found This Bald Spot On Foot

    I was giving my Conan the once over and saw this one foot had this bald spot. Is that the start or finish of a sore hock?
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    A Breeding Thought Experiment

    Now before I start I just wanted to write that I have no intentions to Breed rabbits since I have no space, no time, no means, no feasible way to handle extra's and nothing more then a desire. So a long time ago I read about how in the 1930's they were trying to breed Flemish Rex's. It started...
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    Fur Types And Static Electricity

    I have two Flemish Giants, a fawn doe and a blue buck a few months apart in age. The fawn's fur is a bit coarser while the buck's fur is softer. Conan, the buck, is building up static electricity hopping around while Xena, the doe, doesn't have such an issue. Is it fur related? Is there anyway...
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    Anyone Exclusively Use Hay Cubes?

    Hi folks. Reading another post talking about the rabbit diets really reinforced to me the notion that there are different ways to go about it and have healthy rabbits. Now I read that hay cubes are less dusty and less prone to trigger allergies and it gets me thinking maybe I should seriously...
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    A Discussion On Alternate Fixing Procedures

    Hey folks, this isn't about my bunnies or any specific bunny, just a topic I read about elsewhere and am curious to what other people think on the matter. Now in a site I visit All Experts has a very knowledgable vet named Dana Krempels who mentions a procedure on a doe where its still a...
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    Urgent: Bonding Dilemna!

    I have a dilemma. The 60 hour marathon has been inconclusive. The first day there was some fighting, but since then there's only been Conan running away from Xena but they eat, drink, poop near by each other and relax but don't really interact.. Xena even groomed him in the carrier when I went...
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    Advice: How Much Fighting To Allow In Bonding?

    I'll try to make this short but a lot is involved, I go into it in my blog but I'm reaching a decision point (or rather I'm nearly decided). I've been bonding my rabbits off and on for 4 months. I've used all the tricks and procedures listed on dozens of websites and read other peoples blogs...
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    Accidental Alcohol Exposure

    Had a freak accident today when a gate I was using to block of a part of the kitchen fell. So while I'm picking it up Conan zooms past me and somehow hits the cap on a champagne bottle causing to pop, spray the wall and wet the floor. He of course steps in it and gets his paws and underbelly...
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    A Case For Multiple Rabbits

    I just felt like addressing a thought my wife shared with me that I agree with. Now this topic isn't about bonding, isn't about dismissing the lives of solitary rabbits nor an endorsement to live beyond one's means and caretake more then one rabbit. This is simply my view and appreciation for...
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    To Wipe The Pee Or Let The Do It Themselves?

    Hi folks. Since I've been bonding my rabbits of late I find it easier to stick the little guys in their carriers for a short time. It takes me about an hour to do a decent clean, and I've seen my rabbits go without peeing for far longer then that but Xena of late has decided to let me know she...
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    Poop Q: Chalky Deposits?

    Hi folks. My apologies for sharing poop pics, but I saw this today in the litterbox and was wondering what it could be. It's white and chalky sitting on top of the poop, where in my experience if its calcium rich urine it would have been at the bottom and only seen when cleaning out the box...
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    Pre- (and post) Bonded Rabbit Questions

    I'd like some advice from any folks here who had to keep rabbits seperate for a while before bonding them. I've had Xena in the house now with Conan for a month and it's all been very quiet. I expected poop wars, but there hasn't been any at all. Is that a good sign, or is it that Xena is only 6...
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    The Smallest, Friendliest, Easiest Breed?

    Hi folks. A thought has been germinating in my soft gray layers about possibly getting my mother a rabbit. For those who know a bit about me here the originally the idea was if my Flemish Doe doesn't bond with my buck that I'd give her to my mom and help take care of her. However having the doe...
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    Hay Cubes vs Hay Bales

    Hi folks. Turns out more and more I might be allergic to hay, probably the dust in it. Now the allergies don't bother me to bad, well I mean it does cause I get stuffy and can't breath properly, but with some Benadryl Im fine. Problem is I work the night shift and Benadryl makes me drowsy which...
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    Handling Your Rabbit

    This is something I've read about extensively but want to reassure myself a bit by hearing actual opinions here on it. Most say you should pick up your rabbit about once a day, to get them used to the feeling and for when the time comes for a real emergency to be able to get it done. That, and...
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    Breeds/Colors.In Development?

    To all the show goers and people in the know, I was curious what are the rabbits currently being developed for certification with ARBA? I was thinking about Flemish and how I love their colors, which got me thinking that these colors were developed over years, as were lionheads (who are almost...
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    Hi, my name is Michael and I'm 37 and work the nightshift in security. I've been surrounded by pets all my life but can't say I'm a pet person until about 2 years ago. My wife loves pets and while at a store I saw this tremendously sized rabbit (I believe now it was either a Conti or Flemish...