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  1. Lucas the Bun

    Lucas passed away

    She passed away May 11, 2021. And I still can’t believe it. She’s gone. I was trying to avoid her the last 3 days of her life to keep her safe. Little did I know I would regret that so so much. I had sprayed mosquito repellent on myself which has Deet and had read that can be poisonous to dogs...
  2. Lucas the Bun

    Hiccuping vs Choking

    Hi, So basically Lucas was let out (indoors) to play like normal. And while doing so she started hiccuping (I guess). I assume because she didn’t drink/eat anything right before she started hiccuping. Gave her some baby gas drops, shes acting normal. I’ve seen her do this twice before. So...
  3. Lucas the Bun

    Coastal Bermuda VS Timothy ?

    Hi, Is there any significant difference between Coastal Bermuda and Timothy Hay? Also, what about hay being “fertilized, herbicide, pesticide (as needed)..” Thank You :)
  4. Lucas the Bun

    Rabbit Memes 🐰😸

    (I think this is the right category.) Memes that I’ve screenshotted. 😂🤣
  5. Lucas the Bun


    Uhhhhhh I left Lucas for literally seconds and she managed to chew half way through my Ipad charger !! I don’t even care about the charger will she be ok she is munching on hay and came running when I offered pellets? Checked her mouth couldn’t see anything & couldn’t get a look at her toungue...
  6. Lucas the Bun

    Would this litter safe?

    So I ran out of litter (momentarily, but we have 4 bags of this stuff) so my dad got this different brand but I can‘t see anything saying what type of wood they use. Has anyone happened to have used this before? Thanks Edit: While checking amazon reviews I saw 4 peoples hamsters died using this!!
  7. Lucas the Bun

    What should I look for in Hay?

    So I get my hay from SPS, but have been considering switching from getting my hay from a Local Hay Farm. What should I look for in the quality & the process? Any Tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 😊