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  1. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Got a Hare in my chips

    This is our bratty Oliver!
  2. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Another Rabbit not feeling well

    I don't know what the bunny boys are up to but i don't like it! So this morning i get up to feed every bunny and Snookium's doesn't want to come eat, So I pick him up give him some Oval and tummy rubs doesn't seem to help. So i give him some Pedialyte and he wont swallow it. But he's happy to...
  3. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Mail box

    I have over a 1,000 messages. Is there has to be a better way to delete them then clicking on them one by one. I click on the 50 it doesn't select the first 50 Messages. If i click on the other one it says it deleted them all but when I went back all the messages are back.
  4. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Teeth Filling

    We are adopting a young Dutch Bunny and the owner had his teeth looked at by a specialist who said his teeth did not need to removed at this time (Front Teeth over grown) But he told her to file his teeth down every couple of days to prevent them from getting to long. Has anyone here tried...
  5. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Older Bunny loosing weight

    I think DC is loosing weight, he's at least 10, what can I feed him to at least maintain a decent weight for the little guy? He lives with his friend Snookiums right now so I can't just add more pellets to the am diet. He gets lots of Orchard grass and Timothy hay. Maybe after work I can give...
  6. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    My Dearest Smokies

    Smokies has passed at age 8 suddenly and lived a very long and happy life with her friends D.C. and Snookiums who are missing her very much. Smokies joined my home when she was about 8 weeks old and became a great companion, we got her a friend shortly after and they great buddies and later...
  7. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Head Twitch

    Hi Guys/Gals long time no talk. Dc is about 7yrs neutered boy. He lives with Smokies 7yr Spayed Female and Snookiums Unknown aged Neutered Male. Well I don't know you some of your Remember a post from 09 about DC and his Constant Head Shaking Well he's doing it again. I took some...
  8. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Prayers and Laughter

    Prayers: :pray: My Grandma was recently hurt and broke her Collar Bone. She's in the hospital and is being transfered to another one to help with the recovery. My Grandpa is so upset that she was outside and got hurt. He is being placed in an Assisted Living Facility for a week until Grandma...
  9. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Introducing the newest addition to the family

    This baby is the newest addition born June 5ht, and came home today Aug 26th. She had 7 brother's and sister's 4 still at home with mom. I adopted this baby from a friend who rescued Mom who had became pregnant. I'm 90% all the babies left plus my girl are all girls. Anyways what you...
  10. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    3 10 Week old babies looking for good homes

    My friend recently rescued a Rabbit that was abandoned and unwanted and She turned out Pregnant. She had 7 babies, 2 have found a new home and 2 + Mom are staying. They are mixed breed, Mom is something + rex hiding and we know dad has rex in him since 2 of the kids are rex. I have...
  11. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Lightning - Video added

    I took these Pictures earlier. It's Raining, Windy, with loud Thunder and lots of Lightning. Pictures are of the night sky and some have some great shots of the lightning.
  12. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Fluffy & Monster

    It's been just over a year that Fluffy and Monster's crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss those 2 every day. We(my sister and I) talk about them a lot. Like what they did, and there bad habits, but good qualities. For Monsters the best thing about her was her Kissing. If you picked her...
  13. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    In serious need of a computer tech

    Last night some how my computer decided to unregister my legal copy of windows vista. Ok no serious issue that can't be fixed. Well I leave for the day and leave my laptop with my sister who knows a little bit about computers. When my laptop loads up not to Vista but to some White screen...
  14. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Photo Phile Contest: Hoppy Spring Time

    I poll for your favorite Spring Bunny is now open. You have 4 days to vote! Hoppy Spring Time
  15. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Photo Phile Contest: Hoppy Spring Time

    A Photo Phile contest for the season of spring! Let's celebrate those happy hoppy bunnies! Entries become the property of for possible use in future promotions, logos, business cards, calendars, etc. The Voting will run for 4 days! YOU MAY VOTE FOR MORE THAN ONE OF YOUR...
  16. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    DC isolating himself

    So at the beginning of the week I suspect something might be wrong with him. Possible infection in genitals?and he also on eye drops 4 times a day. So with the possible Infection I pulled out the extra cage and put inside the bunny pen so he could still see his friends. Once I felt he was...
  17. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Possible infection in genitals?(RESOLVED)

    I decided to go into the bunny pen and sit with the Fur kids since they were all laying around. I gave everyone a little cuddle and picked Snookium just making sure I sexed him right not that it matters since he's fixed and after I picked D.C. up. I pulled his genitals out and his base is huge...
  18. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears


    I took D.C. in to see the vet today 'cause his eye was watering. They flushed his eye and found a piece of hay. His eye was scratchedpretty good i'd imaging 'cause they said when they dyed it, it lit up. Is APO_CIPROFOX a good eye drop for this? He has to have 1 drop 4 times a day/every 6hrs.
  19. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Congratulations Minda/ElfMommy

    Congratulations Minda on 6000 wonderful, helpful, kindness posts. :party::party::party::party:
  20. Luvr of Wabbits and Polar Bears

    Smokies wont eat - RESOLVED

    Location- Saskatoon - Description (Breed, color., weight)- Breed, No idea. Color is white/grey - Age- 5+ - spayed/neutered?Spayed - Notes on Fecal and Urinary Output - are the bunny's poops and pees normal? No way to tell as she lives with 2 boys. - When did they last use their litterbox...