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  1. CCWelch

    Do Mini Lops carry the Dwarfing Gene??

    The reason I ask is today my Mini Lop doe had a litter (her first and we lost all 7 because she had them on the wire instead of the nest) out of 7 there were 3 that absolutely fit the "peanut" description. It would have been 99.99% improbable that she could have had "peanuts" because the father...
  2. CCWelch

    BOB awards, what works, what doesn't?

    Help! I am my local club's awards committee for 2013 and beyond. I have been given the task of finding BOB awards of some sort in the range of $2.50 to $3.00 each. I desperately need suggestions and ideas. I cannot even find a nice trophy that is that inexpensive unless we order 500, that will...
  3. CCWelch

    12 day old NZ white babies

    Their eyes are just opening and they are so cute. I have been keeping them indoors, but today they got to stay with their foster mom all day and I brought them in for the overnight. At what age is it safe for me to leave them outside with their foster mom? I live in Iowa it is still winter but...
  4. CCWelch

    What color and am I imagining Rex fur?

    The back story: I know these babies are crossbred, their momma is a Californian New Zealand white cross. I was pretty sure their dad was my New Zealand White buck and the babies started out looking like NZW's and Cali's Fast Forward: These are the babies that were being fostered that I am now...
  5. CCWelch

    Foster mom stopped feeding, now what?

    Help! My foster doe has decided to only feed the 4 day old kits and not the 10 day old kits. She had been feeding both until the day before yesterday. My main question is how much do I feed 10+ day old New Zealand kits? I have the replacer for them, I am just not sure that 1/2 tsp is enough for...
  6. CCWelch

    My New Zealand's foster babies

    As you know my New Zealand doe lost her newborn litter on Friday the 13th of January. My Californian/New Zealand cross doe gave birth the same day and I brought the babies indoors because it was so cold. On the 3rd morning of returning them to the mom to feed, the mom proceeded to throw them...
  7. CCWelch

    Sad and Happy in one day...

    Yesterday was a sad and happy day around this rabbitry... Morning chores: I checked on one of my pregnant does, she usually goes 2 days late. Well this time she went a day early and all the babies froze(So we start the day -9) then Evening chores: One of my other does (also not due for a couple...
  8. CCWelch

    What color is he? Is he going to be showable?

    Here is my baby Satin at 5 weeks, I am trying to determine his exact color. Here he is in the sunlight Here is his shaded ring color Here is his sunlit ring color Here is his belly surface color This shows his belly undercolor
  9. CCWelch

    Guess the breed!

    They are all the same breed, the same litter even. Momma is out of frame so she can not give you a hint. It is one of the breeds I raise. They are 4 weeks old in these pictures.
  10. CCWelch

    Anyone have a picture of a baby Copper Satin?

    MY Red Satin has 5 babies, 3 White, 1 red and one that is dark in color(Like a very dark blue or Charcoal) but in the sunlight it shines a copper red, the inside of its ears are white. It is just a little over a week old. Mom is Red, Dad is white, both carry white, red, broken red and copper on...
  11. CCWelch

    3 new Litters!!!

    I do not have pics yet, will try to get them tomorrow! Madame X had 6 on November 5th. Pure NZW's eyes are open already but they are cute little fur balls. Butterscotch had 5 on November 15th- Mini Lops, looks like one is a runt. Sunny, my Californian/ New Zealand cross had a litter of 10 on...
  12. CCWelch

    Maquoketa Rabbit show...

    Had a fun day at a double show that also included 4 breeds doing triple shows. Got 2 BOV's but no big deal neither had competition. The raffle was another story...I came home with a new rabbit! He is a pure black standard rex, he is an intermediate and took BOV in his color against 14 others in...
  13. CCWelch

    Mini Lop show entry question

    My friend is entering a Pointed White (Himilayan Marked) Mini Lop into a show tomorrow morning and we are not sure if it falls under a solid or broken for entry. Can anyone give us a heads up so we don't have to ask a judge or the show secretary while he is busy.
  14. CCWelch

    Rabbit Show in Maquoketa, Iowa this Sunday

    Shayhara and I are planning to attend! It is a double show and I am showing my Satins, English Spot and French Lops. I am truly hoping to come home with 3 less French Lops. Shayhara is showing her Satins, Mini Lops and Mini Rex! I think she is showing all of her breeds. I am leaving my New...
  15. CCWelch

    What color are these Mini Lop babies??

    These are from a friends litter and we are not sure what color they are for sure, I am leaning toward Blue Frosted Pearl. They are Mini Lops, Dad is a Chestnut Agouti and Mom is broken Black.
  16. CCWelch

    The No Babies curse is finally broken!!!!

    As of about 5:30pm tonight the "No Babies curse" that has been hanging on here all summer is finally lifted! My Mini Lop doe was having babies!!!!! I will try to get some pictures during daylight, I did not want the flash to startle her, it is her first litter!!!!
  17. CCWelch

    Ear wax or mites?

    I noticed Thumper my ?? age mini lop (He is a rescue) shaking his head a lot today so I checked his ears. He has yellowish stuff that looks like earwax in there and some flakiness like dry ears. I pulled some out and put it under the microscope and saw no evidence of mites. 1) could it still be...
  18. CCWelch

    Show or no?

    Sorry for the large pics, photobucket is being a pain tonight. I got this guy as a rescue, I think he is very nice. I believe he is a Fawn and he has a massive head and great crown and ears. I am debating as to whether he is good enough to show. I don't immediately see any DQ's.
  19. CCWelch

    Hair in poo's how to lessen?

    Most of my herd is molting right now and I have noticed an increase in the amount of poo's sticking over the wire bottoms of the cages suspended by hair. The bunnies get grass hay or oat straw daily along with pellets and occasionally whole oats as a treat. They get brushed and groomed daily...
  20. CCWelch

    Showing Question

    How many of a breed/same age class/sex can you show at a time? I have 2 Broken French Lop does both will be intermediates at the next show I plan to go to. I am actually just wanting the judges opinion because I am going to thin down the herd. (I don't need 2 broken Fawn does and 2 Fawn does)...