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  1. olliefolyfe

    RIP Ollie :,( you were the most special bun I ever met

    As I type this I am having a melt down. My sweet bun Ollie passed away yesterday. He was only 2. I had to move to memphis from baltimore and my friend who had spent a lot of time with Ollie had been watching him for the past 6 or so months and I was going to pick him up next month. Yesterday my...
  2. olliefolyfe

    How long is too long to leave a bun??

    I recently moved out of state and was unable to take Ollie with me right away. My good friend is watching him and it sounds like he's doing a great job but I wonder if he feels abandoned. It's going to be a month total that I'm away. I also have this irrational fear that ill die & he'll just...
  3. olliefolyfe


    I'm not intending to give up Ollie but I need a place for him temporarily. I am moving out of state via greyhound to live with my friend. My mom just had knee surgery but she can drive with me in a month to get him & drive him home with me. I simply CANNOT get rid of him even though everyone is...
  4. olliefolyfe

    Sour candy?!

    So Ollie broke into some sour cherry candy drops and ate around 4 or so of them. Will he be ok?! He is a mini lop, roughly a year old.
  5. olliefolyfe

    Possible urinary tract infection???

    So my bun Ollie has been piddling on my floor when he runs around/near me and only pees in small amounts in his litter box. I read online this could be a urinary tract infection, if so what should I do to treat it? I'm guessing a vet could be the only option? He is roughly a year old, a mini...
  6. olliefolyfe

    Dust bunny

    So Ollie LOVES to be under my bed as much as possible, but I've noticed that lately when he is under there he sneezes repeatedly. I looked under my bed and there appeared to be a thick layer of his fur with the addition of some dust, is this negatively affecting his respiratory system? I think...
  7. olliefolyfe

    Frustrating pet store experience

    So today I went to buy Ollie a new water bottle at the pet store at the mall. Bad idea. They had a cage out front with baby guinea pigs and TINY very young baby rabbits. There was a woman at the counter buying a rabbit and you could tell she was hesitant. The woman helping her couldn't have been...
  8. olliefolyfe

    Going out of town

    So I will be leaving tomorrow to go home for Christmas, and I will be having a friend come by to feed Ollie and play with him. Would it be okay if he only came once a day? Or will that not be enough attention? Just curious! Also, I know my friend will enjoy playing with him and he's really...
  9. olliefolyfe

    Question about non-neutered males

    Do they ever stop humping? Ollie's behavior is great, cept the occasional poop on the floor (which I assume will get better with age) but his constant humping is annoying!
  10. olliefolyfe

    Rather shocking discovery..

    Turns out Ollie is not a female bun! I'm surprised his previous owners didn't know his true gender :o
  11. olliefolyfe

    Strange experience

    Something really weird just happened with Ollie. I woke up for a bit and was sitting in my bed drinking water when Ollie TORE into my room running as fast as she could making crying noises and went under my bed :( She then thumped her foot continuously for about 10 min while occasionally making...
  12. olliefolyfe


    This isn't for a bunny but for my hammity ham, Baxter. RIP, I'll miss you buddy :(
  13. olliefolyfe

    weird noise

    Whenever I stand up Ollie runs circles around me (which is wthe cutest thing ever) but every time she starts to make a panting/ whistling noise. Is this normal?? Her previous owners brought her in a cage with cat litter, I hope she doesn't have respitory problems :(
  14. olliefolyfe


    My bun Ollie (I think she's a mini lop) has had extremely hot ears the past couple of days even though my apartment is always kept cool. I looked it up and I read that it could be a sign of fever or ear infection. Has anyone had any experience with this?? I'm worried. :(
  15. olliefolyfe

    Thinning fur on neck and shoulders

    I've noticed that Ollie has some thin patches of fur. I read that it could be because of heat or inconsistent food supply or a number of things. I want to know if there's any other cause or if I should be alarmed? I just adopted her last Wednesday (off craigslist) so I don't really know the...
  16. olliefolyfe

    Which fruit & veggies are most important for bunnies?

    I've heard a lot about rabbits needing fruits & vegtables in their diet but I don't know which ones to buy.
  17. olliefolyfe

    How often do you clean your bun's litterboxes?

    Just curious :) I've been cleaning Ollie's once or twice a day. They really are little turd machines aren't they!
  18. olliefolyfe

    clumped fur on bum and tail

    I've noticed that my bun Ollie has clumped pee/poop/fur all over her backside even after washing her. It's really bad and I think I will have to cut it off. I was able to cut some of it out already but it makes me nervous because she could jump suddenly and get cut. Any suggestions?? It makes...
  19. olliefolyfe

    Hello everyone :)

    I posted previously asking about my new bun Ollie's breed but I thought I'd introduce myself & Ollie now that I officially have her. (& have more pictures!) The people I adopted her from (off craigslist) brought her with a cage but it had a puppy pad in it and cat litter?? She was...