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  1. FreezeNkody

    Went away for 4 days

    So I went on a 4 day vacation and returned yesterday. I had out my flemmies food in an auto feeder (sifter feeder) and had a friend check on him through out he days I was gone. Before I left he had dumped his water bowl and I tried to clean it up he best I could before I left. Any way I went to...
  2. FreezeNkody

    Flemish Giantt

    Ok so Gunner is 7 months old now, he's on oxbow young rabbit. I think he weighs around 8-10 lbs now. I'm sure he'll be on the smaller side. So anyways my question is 1. How much food should he be getting right now I kinda give him 4oz two times a day. I don't really feed "greens" because none...
  3. FreezeNkody

    Bored bunny!

    Ok so I have 4 rabbits. 2 are fixed and bonded so they stay together. Other is not fixed and has his own pen. Those 3 stay in a spare bedroom in xpens. My problem is I have another bun in the living room with me because I don't have room in the bedroom and he is also not fixed yet. Anyway, my...
  4. FreezeNkody

    Something happened today.

    So today I was at work,and I got a text msg saying "you need to call me ASAP" So I ran to the phone and called home. My boyfriend was off today and Let gunner out of his cage into his xpen. Well apparently Gunner had figured out that one side of the pen wasn't zip tied to the cage and decided to...
  5. FreezeNkody

    Problem bunny.

    Ok I'm sure this has been posted a million times but I can't find the right answer that helps me. I have 4 rabbits. 2 nethie's a holland and a flemmie. The 2 dwarfs are in the same cage. (Well xpen) they are about maybe 3 or 4 I got them from a lady who's kids were allergic. I'm having a problem...
  6. FreezeNkody

    Not active.

    So Gunner went to the vet the other day, vet said he looked ok bit gave me eye drops cause he's got some eye boogers. I don't really see it as a huge concern. But I'll give them to him. I had went out and bought Gunner a brand new hutch ( well chicken coop) Yesterday he was happy running around...
  7. FreezeNkody

    Weird shaped poop

    So last couple of days I've noticed Some of Gunners poop is teardrop shaped with a stringy type tip. I'm not sure why. He's a little over 12 weeks. He's on alfalfa pellets free fed. Timothy and alfalfa hay mix and water. He's still happy and binkies and runs around. I have been giving him a few...
  8. FreezeNkody

    Bad bunny. =)

    Well Gunner will 12 weeks in a couple of days. And he's def A handful, He's my first Baby. He's due for a neuter soon I can tell my his But... I've found that a Buck Grunt call and a foot stomp will stop him in his tracks when he's doing an undesirable action. Anyone one else have...
  9. FreezeNkody

    Few questions

    So Gunner my Flemish giant just turned 2 1/2 months. Now this is my first baby and he's a handful for sure. Of course he's chewing, he got my cell cord 2 times. He's not chewing the wood thank god! ( knock on wood) but I guess one of my questions is what age can I get him fixed? I haven't yet...
  10. FreezeNkody

    Feeding time!

    So this is my first baby, he turned 10 weeks yesterday. He's a Flemish giant I may add. as of now he's in oxbow young rabbit and a mix of alfalfa hay and Timothy. Now I guess my question is I pretty much free feed him when his bowl is empty i put more in. Am I supposed to feed him like that or...
  11. FreezeNkody

    Does your bun do this ?

    Gunner gets VERY excited bunny 500's and lots of binkys! But sometimes when he's done flops and then rolls over like a dog. I find it adorable. Sent from my iPhone using Rabbit Forum
  12. FreezeNkody


    So I'm noticing my flemish's ear tips are starting to fold over.. Is that normal?? Sent from my iPhone using Rabbit Forum
  13. FreezeNkody

    Gunner eating litter

    So Gunner my 10 week old Flemish I think may be eating his litter pellets. I use wood pellets for stoves. They don't have accelerants in it or anything should I be really worried about it? Sent from my iPhone using Rabbit Forum
  14. FreezeNkody

    Need some advice. Please

    So I went out and got myself a Flemish mix last night he's about 9-10 weeks old. Can you give me some advice on how to litter train him? And also I see he's territorial marking already!!! Sent from my iPhone using Rabbit Forum
  15. FreezeNkody

    Welcome the new furbutt

    I decided after searching and whatnot I was going to get a Flemish to add to my "pack" and I found a Flemish mix. He's slightly harlequin in color 10 weeks old and just cute as a button. I'm aware that the people I got him from weren't feeding them the correct food. So I went and bought oxbow...
  16. FreezeNkody

    I've done it again!

    So I recently got in contact with a lady that has some flemish mixes. And hopefully I'll be able to pic one up today. This makes 4 furbutts. Now they are 8 weeks old and I'm wondering because this will be my first baby, how much food should he/she get and I believe it's supposed to be an alfalfa...
  17. FreezeNkody

    Tebows ears.

    So I noticed today that tebows ears have thinning hair. Maybe they've always been like that. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? He's very active and eats well. He also has a balding spot on his back. No scabs and not really flakey skin. Gosh I hope he doesn't have mites or something...
  18. FreezeNkody

    Pooping every where :(

    So I've had my male dwarf for for 2 years. He's never been fully litter trained I've accepted that. But lately he's been crapping everywhere but his litter box. He is housed with his bonded female both are fixed. I have 3 litter pans in the x pen and I keep their hay in the boxes. I did bring an...
  19. FreezeNkody

    Sad/mad bunny

    So I had to recently take a trip to NC last week the 16th-21st, my father passed away. I had left my buns care up to one of my friends who usually cares for them when I have to leave. I came back yesterday said my hellos to the 3 and after a 16 hour non stop drive I was exhausted. So this...
  20. FreezeNkody


    I posted the other day how my dwarf is over weight. So I took the advice on feeding her 1/4 cup of pellets 1 time a day and tons of hay and water. Started her diet with hopes it doesn't affect the other one. (They share) I noticed today she's kinda sluggish and doesn't want to do much. ( they...