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  1. Grace


    After my Cocoa died, i thought I could never have a bunny anymore. But after a couple of weeks, i started thinking that maybe Cocoa would have been happy if a new bunny in need could be with me. So I adopted Oreo. She was kept in a very small cage all her life. She could barely move... She also...
  2. Grace

    Good Bye My Prince Of Bunnies

    Cocoa my prince bunny flew on the rainbow bridge. It will never be the same without my Cocoa. I can't express my feelings about this, i decided to use the lyrics of a song: Well they built the Titanic to be one of a kind, but many ships have ruled the seas They built the Eiffel Tower...
  3. Grace


    I adopted him in a pet store and he was full grown already. I don't know the breed... and I don't know the age. My vet said he should be around two years old. How do I know how old is a bunny? And, I am pretty sure that Cocoa is a mix breed, but do you think he looks like one particular breed...
  4. Grace

    Bunny ears

    I have a question for you bunny experts:). My bunny Cocoa does something strange with his ears when he lays on the couch with me and I pet him. His ears are straight (hope it is correct!!!), but then he starts to relax (i think he his relaxed) closes his eyes and flips his ears on his head side...
  5. Grace

    large lop-ear rabbit

    Someone is getting rid of their large lop-ear rabbit. This bunny is 2 years old. not neutered. His hind leg was broken as an infant and healed crooked. It's so sad. My bunny Cocoa is small and neutered. I was wondering if I had the other male bunny neutered, what the chances are that he would...
  6. Grace


    There he is... this is my bunny Cocoa!! Is he cute or not?????
  7. Grace


    Hello, my name is Ary and i am the lucky mummy of Cocoa. I live in Columbus Ohio, but I am Italian, so please excuse me if I make some mistakes with my english!! I adopted my bunny Cocoa about 2 years ago. He was in a cage in a pet store, looking for someone to adopt him. I was there to buy food...