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    Big Eaters? Normal for growing bunnies?

    @Imbrium: thx for the clarification. I can't read tone very well over the Internet (most people can't), so couldn't tell whether you were clashing w/Blue Eyes or not re. Flemmies. :) Now the OP has unanimous opinion from two very experienced members of the forum (y'all) and from me, looking...
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    Oh for goodness sake!

    To the OP: Since you hadn't planned on breeding the female, you may not have read up on nutritional requirements for lactating does. Be sure Momma Rabbit is receiving 18% minimum protein and unlimited pellets/hay so she has plenty of wherewithal to feed babies and get ready for the oncoming...
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    Big Eaters? Normal for growing bunnies?

    The HRS and its website,, might offer good advice for "average" rabbits, but the OP has a Flemish Giant, which can grow to 20 lb, sometimes more. These rabbits need to eat like growing babies--which they are!--for almost a year to have a good shot at achieving their genetically...
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    Wondering if this is normal?

    Found an exotics vet hospital in the "Delaware Valley," town of Mullica Hill, NJ. Hope it's close to you! They sound like the perfect pair of vets:
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    Wondering if this is normal?

    Everything costs more in the S.F. Bay Area than almost anywhere else in the United States (real estate prices being what they are), so a price estimate from the Bay Area would def. be astronomical. This is a listing of rabbit-savvy vets by state and country. If there's not one in Delaware...
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    best rabbit breed for children?

    I've been reading this thread for a few days, hesitating over whether to post or not since I don't have children and have had my current--and only--rabbit just since September 28. (I've had cats all my life and Bernese Mtn. Dogs since 1998, though.) I did try to adopt a rabbit from the local...
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    You might try pre-combing him with a Rescoe coarse comb, then following up with a slicker brush. If he'll permit, also use the Rescoe comb from the belly out toward the "outside" of the rabbit; this will loosen up the wool that's difficult to reach from the outside with the comb and the brush...
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    Potential surprise

    Flemish Giants, being larger rabbits, take longer to reach certain "developmental" milestones than smaller breeds. To the OP: maybe take the two "girls" back to the breeder for a recheck on sexing. There's a phenomenon known among breeders as "the Sex Change Fairy" that seems to visit very...
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    What breed should I get ?

    Ask yourself questions like: --Do I want a rabbit with straight ears (up) or lop ears (down)? --Do I want a rabbit with short, medium, or a long coat? --Do I want a dwarf, small, medium, large, or giant rabbit? (each of these has a definite meaning with regard to the adult weight of the rabbit)...
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    Wondering if this is normal?

    Without your location, I can't tell, you live near a House Rabbit Society chapter? The one near me offers nail-cutting services for $10. You can help hold the rabbit, or two HRS volunteers will hold and trim the rabbit's nails. Parsley weighs 12 lb (AmChin, normal weight) and struggles...
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    litter box help

    I just shred actual newspapers and smash them down into the litter pan, then add 2 or 3 inches of timothy hay. Lasts for maybe two or three days, depending on how "productive" Parsley Graybuns is (12 lb AmChin).
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    425 g = approx. 1 lb
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    Someone got into his food bin today

    Have some simethicone drops at the ready in case of gas pains by Mr. Crafty Rabbit. There are several brand names for simethicone, depending on which country you're in. The one I have at my house is Phazyme.
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    New and Need Advice

    There are rabbit-knowledgeable veterinarians in the U.S. and Canada. A partial list is available at, the House Rabbit Society's website. The "holds her head to the side constantly" she able to move independently? Does she appear to have a good sense of balance...
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    Indoor Rabbitry

    There are a couple of indoor rabbitries shown in Bob Bennett's Rabbit Housing: Planning, Building, and Equipping Facilities for Humanely Raising Healthy Rabbits. Photographs, interviews with the people who operate/run/own/live with the indoor rabbitries, specifications for cages that are large...
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    changed food, now very smelly

    Some rabbit folk put ACV (apple cider vinegar) in the bunnies' water to help counteract the alkalinity of their urine. Something like 1 Tb per gallon of water, maybe? Certainly sounds like a safe amount, in any case. :)
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    Matted Leg help

    If a rabbit's rear end is really and truly filthy, a "butt bath" is definitely called for. Some kinds of filth really need to be cleaned up right away. I've seen several instructions, some written and maybe a couple of videos, on the Net from responsible sources about giving a rabbit a butt...
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    Is it "torture" to train a rabbit tricks?

    I watched up until the "Bloopers!" frame. You're using good positive reinforcement technique (I've trained several Bernese Mtn Dogs and a couple of my cats and have started with my first-ever bunny). There's nothing cruel about giving an animal fun things to do; what's cruel is making them live...
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    Encouragement for eating greens?

    I've learned from reading another rabbit forum that many breeders recommend waiting until young bunnies are 6 months old to start feeding them fresh foods in any quantity (or even at all, for some breeders). They may simply not be ready for greens yet.
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    Inside Cage

    I'm a little concerned that he seems pretty young to be going to an adoptive home--6 weeks old this Friday. Some baby bunnies aren't quite weaned by 6 weeks and haven't transitioned to pellets and hay yet. Are you in touch with his breeder so that you know his weaning/solid food status?