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  1. Karlie

    Mad Hatter in 'Alice'

    Does anyone know who plays the Mad Hatter in the tv show Alice? Its not the new one or the cartoon, but I can't find out. Thanks.
  2. Karlie

    Rabbitry Name

    Hi everyone, I am getting ready to send my ARBA rabbitry registration in and I think I should get a new rabbitry name. The reason is, Sunnie Bunnie Rabbitry has the same initials "SBR" as I do. (Show Bunny Rabbitry). I am still unsure of my breed choice. I know the English Spots will be...
  3. Karlie

    Breed Choice

    Hello, all. I am in need of help choosing my breed.I want something small to medium size, that can be a pet. Something also though, that can stand the cold. It gets quite cold in winter down here and I havn't had mutch success breeding my Mini Rex/English Spots or Tans. I love mini rex and...
  4. Karlie

    Website Critique

    Hi, just wondering what everyone thinks of my websites... My rabbitry website... My shelter website... If you have any websites you'd like to be looked at by everyone please post! I would love to look at them.
  5. Karlie

    Question about raising rabbits.

    How many cages would you recommend getting for each breed of rabbit I raise at a minimun. I know it dosn't really matter but I would like a general idea of how many holes would be good to start out with. Thanks, Karlie
  6. Karlie

    Rex or Holland Lop Rabbits Wanted

    I am looking for a pair of Rex or Holland lop rabbits, they must be pedigreed and show quality, if you know of any near southern Indiana (1-2hours)max. please tell me, Thanks, Karlie
  7. Karlie

    My Shelter is needing more cages!

    I am needing more cages (wire bottom please) for the shelter, since I also raise show rabbits I am building a small barn for the shelter rabbits and I am needing more housing for them. If you have a rabbit in need of a home (or know someone else who does) I will take them if their housing is...
  8. Karlie

    I need pictures.

    Will anyone alow me to use their pictures? I need them for my book/dvd and You will be credited. I make them so that new rabbit owners know how to care for their rabbits. But I need more pictures than I have. So if it's ok can you post your pictures here? Thanks, Karl & The Bunnies.
  9. Karlie

    Do you think It's OK to breed rabbits for Color?

    Do you think it's OK to breed for a certain color you like instead of a certain breed?
  10. Karlie

    Siggy Question

  11. Karlie

    My bunny Clyde Threw Up What do I do?!!!!!!!

    I had him out in his run then I gave him some pellets about half a minute after he started to puke and it came out his nose and mouth I had to keep washing it off because it was blocking his air intake what happened and what should I do this was yesterday last night but I have difrent time here
  12. Karlie

    Any Mini Rex Breeders in Indiana?

    I am looking for some more mini rex but can find no breeders around me. Anyone on here a breeder of mini rex and close to Scottsburg IN?
  13. Karlie

    Siggy Question

    Can anyone make me one?
  14. Karlie

    teres wuve in da air

    Ummfh, It's not fair every thing waz gweat and now it not first of all I got a new girlfriend her names is Sable we well my mummys frwiend brang me home and told me I was gonna get a girlfriend I waz sooo happy when I got there she put me in a big hutch well Sable was nice and I was feeling...
  15. Karlie

    2008 ARBA Convention

    Is anybody going to be there this year? and if so what breeds etc are you showing? or are you just going to watch?