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  1. Kati's Holland Lops

    Got a new rabbit at the show

    We had no intention at all to get a new rabbit, but the moment I laid my eyes on a SMITH ( star quality holland lop breeders ) chinchilla jr buck, I feel head over heals in love with him. We got him, obviously, and we named him shadow, he is the most loving lil' boy EVER. What do you think about...
  2. Kati's Holland Lops

    Show this weekend

    Anyone going to the show this weekend in Greensboro, NC? Cause i am :3
  3. Kati's Holland Lops

    Worst Litter Ever.

    3/5 of the baby's in the litter have died ;-; and the 3 that died were the only brokens in the litter, they died when they were over a month old btw that's the mother so you can only imagine how pretty the baby's where : ;-;
  4. Kati's Holland Lops

    The REAL Way to Get Good Rabbits

    Some people think that you have to have good rabbits to get good babies, well that's not always true... The way u breed My rabbits is I pair up 2 rabbits based on there faults and strong points, + = I'll attach a better updated pic after I get home from school
  5. Kati's Holland Lops

    Not being able to neuter

    Ok .. So 2 of my rabbits (Cosmo and zoey ) had this adorable black otter baby, my parents are lettin me keep him as a pet and not as part of my rabbitry. Cosmo used to be my pet bunny but from the moment that I bred him he was a turd ball! I was wondering if I keep the baby away from females...
  6. Kati's Holland Lops

    Those people who find wild baby bunnys

    I swear to god I see more and more posts saying "I found a nest of baby bunnies without the mother near them, how do I feed them?!?!" I just want to slap people when they pick them up and take them inside, WHY DONT U LOOK UP WHAT TO DO WHEN U SEE A NEST OF WILD BABY BUNNYS?!?!?!?!
  7. Kati's Holland Lops

    :EMERGENCY: not done typing it thousgh so hold on for the question

    I am a highschooler so i have a busy schedule and when i got up this morning i loooked in the cage of the doe that is knew was due any day now and was like :clapping: u made a nest, i turned around to look in one of my other does cage and was like :scared: :ponder: omg you had ur babies...
  8. Kati's Holland Lops

    Irresponsible Baby Bunny Owner

    I was on youtube just looking around and i saw a video of a girl feeding her bunny carrots, that is not what bothered me, the thing that bothered my was that it was a baby bunny (like no older than 3 months old). so i scroll down and i see that she said in the description, "Bobboy in memory. My...
  9. Kati's Holland Lops

    My doe is rejecting her 2 week old babies (2 of them)

    Help what do I do??? She is growling and nipping when ever they get near her I have the following does: •one with 5, 3 week olds • one with 1, 4 week old Please help they are very valuable to me, of great pedigrees
  10. Kati's Holland Lops

    Best way to foster a baby bunny to another doe

    What is the best way to foster a 3 day old baby bunny to another doe, the two does are somewhat friendly to each other because they have cages that are beside each other. One of the does just had her first litter and one of the babies is a black otter( über important to me) this black otter is...
  11. Kati's Holland Lops

    Large holland lop litter

    Holland lops usually have 5-6 babies but my rather large doe had 7, and I think maybe she is going to have more because I saw her laying down and I still saw some kicking ( not her heart beat ) is there any way she could have a lot more, like how many can she possible have in total, we bred her...
  12. Kati's Holland Lops

    Guess my Color!!

    Hi my name is Chubs, I'm almost 3 weeks old and my mommy wants to know my color, can you help me?
  13. Kati's Holland Lops

    I have trouble keeping my rabbits in condition

    Help I want to enter them I'm the state fair And I have trouble keepin them in condition ( weight wise) how can I improve their weight???
  14. Kati's Holland Lops

    This picture is terrible

    What did they put on this poor bunnies face??? (I found it on the internet)
  15. Kati's Holland Lops

    Peanut or not????

    1 week old
  16. Kati's Holland Lops

    Please help - Weak newborn

    this baby is weak how do I help it?????
  17. Kati's Holland Lops

    Can a doe choose no to feed the runt

    It doesn't look like my doe is feeding the runt but the other two in the litter are doing great. Is it possible that she is not giving the runt food
  18. Kati's Holland Lops

    Is this fur color possible???

    I think I have a broken tort but I bred a chestnut agouti with a black otter?!??!!!!?!!
  19. Kati's Holland Lops

    Babies taking all the milk

    I have a litter of four babies, two of them are fabulous ( maybe even too chubby ), but the other two are skinny( not peanuts) idk what to do? Plz help?!?!?!?!