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    Rabbits don't like exercise

    I used to have my rabbits(3) in a rather large, closed off space in my home. I ended up having to move them outside because the third one could not be litter box trained, and he ended up peeing on the wood floor several times (which is very difficult to clean). So then I bought a large hutch for...
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    Dolly's Defecation Problem

    Dolly has this issue: The thing is that her diet is very balanced, and she has plenty of fiber to eat. She is the biggest of my 3 rabbits (mini-rex), but she has always been a big girl and I have never had this...
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    Sore Hocks

    After cleaning the rabbits hutch today, I decided it was time to trim my rabbits nails. My rabbits (3) live in a large, instillated hutch outside. During spring and summer, they go outside in the grass for several hours a day in an enclosed pen. Today I noticed something was wrong with Patrick...
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    It's time for number 3?

    Hello Everyone! I haven't been on for a while , mainly because the rabbits have been so great! I have 2 , Patrick (boy, Dutch , fixed) and Dolly (girl, Mini-Rex, fixed)and I am ready for number 3! So when I was in the process of getting dolly , I read on here that boy and girl pairs well...
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    My tetra came back to life!

    So its that time again , cleaning the fish tank. I have always hated cleaning the fish tank , I think its 10 times worse then rabbit hutch! So tonight was the night, I did everything right , everything was going good. I had most of the water in the tank, that's when I decided to get the water...
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    Dog/Cat help!

    So My dog is on a special diet and we keep her food in the kitchen. My cat, will eat the food and then throw up afterwards even though he always has access to his cat food. It is hard for me to schedule feeding times for my dog because she is 12 years old and its been this way her whole life...
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    New Playpen For Christmas

    I have decided to use some of my Christmas money on a new playpen for the buns. I have a big area that I use but I never got around to put anything in it other then some old boxes and a tunnel. What kind of stuff do you have in your playpen? I normally put them in there around 2-3 hours a day...
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    Can someone tell me more about when a rabbit molts? I have seen a few things online but I just want to learn more about it. My rabbit boy, Patrick , doesn't seem to molt but he has been shedding a little more lately. Dolly on the otherhand has clumps of fur coming out right above her tail. I...
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    Dolly still chewing her hutch!

    I have 2 rabbits in a hutch, inside of my office. I posted earlier about how my rabbits keep chewing thier hutch and I did everything everyone told me to , but I still have the problem. First, I got them some new wooden toys, 3 , a rolling one with a ball, a hamburger one and a rubric cube with...
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    Chewing Hutch & Drinking a lot of water

    Hello, I have 2 rabbits living together , indoor , in an outdoor hutch. They just got thier hutch about a weekago and they have been chewing like crazy. I have looked online and it said to give them toiletpaper rolls, boxes, and toys, so I did all of that and they are still going at it. I...
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    Rabbits Sharing a Hutch

    So for the last 2 weeks I have kept my rabbits together in their playpen for several hours each day. (for more info look at my first thread a while ago) I know think they are ready to move in together. I will be getting this hutch:
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    Hi, I just joined to get some basic advice on bonding 2 rabbits. I seem to be doing a good job so far but I just want to make sure. So I actually want to start by asking what are the best and easiest salads to make everyday? I just buy a salad mix (mostly spinach, I know I just read that its bad...