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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    So Xena decided to help me file my taxes. I agreed with her that the government takes too big a bite out of my income but that was no reason to chew on said fact. I wonder if the rabbit ate my tax info works as good as the dog ate my homework. Luckily the damage wasn't too bad but I'm sure my...
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    The plan is yes, after of course they learn to get along. I chose the Icelandic Sheepdog specifically because its a breed with a Low Prey Drive, known to get along with kids and other pets. Also, Bassi so far seems to be the most mellow of the litter so I'm hoping that, some training, patience...
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    Happy 6th Birthday Dusty!

    Happy Birthday Dusty!
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    Rabbit bed?

    Funny this subject is coming up. Originally we tried this with out duo, making a homemade bed that looks very similar but there was no interest and a store bought one. Flash forward a year and as we're getting supplies for a new puppy we lay down the old dog bed we tried with them as well and...
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    A weekend of discoveries for me. This weekend we discovered Xena had an abscess on the side of her hock, sort of between the joint of her foot and her leg. My wife being a nurse treated it, and we remain vigilant. Plus a Vet appointment is coming up. That was the only sad thing from my duo...
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    i made a horrible mistake now I need some help.

    Ideally is 8 weeks, but some States by law require only 6 weeks until sale. Your should always do your research, but its understandable that you put your trust in individuals. Now as for weaning, some Breeders I know don't begin weaning their kits until 5 weeks or more, while others let the kits...
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    Well I hope I'm not jinxing this, but in two weeks I'll be picking up this puppy. His name is Bassi which I'm told means Little Bear. He's the runt of the litter, but his litter-mates were all big so he's basically regular size for an Icelandic Sheepdog. Today I spent the day doing the usual...
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    Doing the monthly intense check, and it seems Conan again has developed sore hocks. **** it. Well, not sore, but circular bald patches on his back hocks. They are not red, nor hot, but they are there. So I put some bag balm and will repeat. I don't get it, he's not overweight and he's on carpets...
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    Saw the dog on Saturday, and he is adorable. I'm still not a pet person and only the rabbits have kind of shaken me out of it a little, but the puppy is a sweet little guy. The runt of the litter. I'd show pics but until I actually have the dog (by the end of February) I don't want to jinx it...
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    How do you choose? - advice would be greatly appreciated

    This site proved invaluable for me and bonding, and kept me from giving up and got me over the hump. About neutral territory. I ran in to an issue where my rabbits had dates everywhere in my apt and I had no place left. If your not opposed to rearranging...
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    How do you choose? - advice would be greatly appreciated

    Many people think their buns will never learn to get along, but eventually try something new and viola, bonded rabbits. For me it was figuring out that bunny dates just weren't working so I had to run a bunny marathon where they stayed together. Oh it was nerve wracking, 48 hours of near fights...
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    So they peed on that carpet so much we can't use it any longer and I got to figure if there's anyway to remove the stains. Then today we noticed a spot of pee in our bed room carpet, yet they've never been to our room! It's definitely one of them, to similar to pee patterns found in their usual...
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    Flemish Giant lifespan

    My vet, a rabbit specialist with years of experience, told me mine could very well live up to 10 years if properly cared for. Most show breeders mention seven years.
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    How do You clean White rabbit?

    Though a horse product, Ive heard a few show rabbit people use Cowboy Magic product to get urine stains off before shows. I also read that sometimes cornstarch is used to whiten areas without actually cleaning it. Here's a link to Cowboy Magic...
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    Does your bunny lick you?

    Xena will lick only my head while I'm on the floor rarely. Very rarely. Its nice. Also weird since I know my rabbits like my wife better but she never got licked by them. I think its because once in a while Xena will acknowledge that I do all the work when it comes to their care.
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    Having a huge problem with the buns of late. They keep peeing on the living room carpet, so much so that cleaning it is no longer working and stains still remain. I have no idea what got into these guys (I suspect its Xena) as they never peed on the carpet before. So now we're trying to figure...
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    Bonding question

    This website has an excellent primer on how to bond multiple rabbits and helped me a great deal when I was almost about to give up trying to bond just two.
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    About your bunnies :D

    I've had my buck Conan the Bunbarian (blue Flemish Giant) +2 years, my doe Xena bunnier Princess (fawn Flemish Giant) almost 2 years. Conan will be 3 years old in May, Xena turned 2 years old in October. Love them to bits I do.
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    Thanks, yeah Titania's ear feathers have grown in so she doesn't look mutilated or abused. They seem to not be flying into as many things thank goodness but it still freaks me out. But man have they gotten louder of late and I'm not sure why. As for Conan, yeah he's always giving me a stink...