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  1. Lucky_2017

    Outside cage

    Hey guys! I have a Holland lop male, exact size is unknown and is roughly 3 years old. He’s quite a laid back fella, he loves his cage and whenever I clean it out he always has to put things in their places. He’s quite loving and is a very chilled out rabbit, he’s pretty relaxed around my dog...
  2. Lucky_2017

    Not Eating

    Hi! I have recently been on holiday for a week and decided to leave my bum home, and let a family member come and feed him 2 bowls of food every 2 days. My rabbit is slightly on the skinny side, so I have been feeding him plenty of hay and have given him a little bit more food. For a while he...
  3. Lucky_2017

    Not Eating

    Hi guys I’ve just given my rabbit his food and he appears to be not eating it. He’s sat at the cage door and wants to be let out. I think I know the problem. I asked my dad to go out and get food and he got the wrong one. It’s decent, but not as good as the old one. I also gave him a bowl of...
  4. Lucky_2017

    Getting A Budgie

    Ok so something has happened meaning I cannot get another rabbit, so I’m getting birds. I’m getting budgies or cockatiels, you know just small ones. Do you think my rabbit will be disturbed by the noises? He’s fine with my dog barking and I often have the window open, and there’s this huge tree...
  5. Lucky_2017

    Eye discharge

    Does my rabbit appear to have discharge coming from his eye, if so what do I do?
  6. Lucky_2017

    No binkies?

    Should I be concerned that my rabbit never does a binky? He’s not really that lazy and he has free run of my bedroom and often goes outside to graze.
  7. Lucky_2017

    Getting another rabbit, any advice?

    For my birthday I’ve decided that all the money I get will go towards, laminating my bedroom floor, getting a raised bed, a new cage, and another rabbit. All of these things piece together. Laminate floor so the hair doesn’t heft stuck in the carpet. A raised bed so I can put the new cage...
  8. Lucky_2017

    New Cage Decor!

    I was feeling creative and bored so I decided to spruce up my rabbit’s cage! I have made his bed so that he has privacy in there, it almost seems like a burrow. I also went outside and collected a box full of grass and he’s munching it down! I have arranged everything so its convenient and tidy...
  9. Lucky_2017

    Red Feet?

    So I regularly inspect my rabbit for lumps and bumps or if he has matted fur I need to brush/cut out and I was parting the REALLY thick fur on his paws and noticed the bottom of his foot looked really sore. It was bright red and whiteish in places, I looked as if it was flaky as well. Is this...
  10. Lucky_2017


    Ok so just about five mins ago my rabbit ate a little tiny piece of play-doh. I’m rlly upset it’s going to hurt him. I know play doh is designed so that if kids swallow it, it’s safe, but I don’t know for bunnies. When I held it in front of him to check it was the play doh that he liked, he went...
  11. Lucky_2017


    I’ve been working on picking my rabbit up and it’s going pretty well. The most comfortable and stable position for him is me cradling him like a baby (on his back, paws in the air) but I researched and found that I was trancing him, because his head slowly drifted backwards and he was still...
  12. Lucky_2017

    Licky bun!

    Hi guys! I feel like my rabbit officially loves my now. He loves to groom my now by giving me delicate little licks. But we have some sort of deal, as soon as I start rubbing his ears, he’ll start licking something, anything even himself. But when I stop he stops, does your bunny do this? Also...
  13. Lucky_2017


    Hi guys! I went to my local pet store today to buy my rabbit some treats but ended up with a harness. The lady at the pet store said that they are naturally grazing animals so they should go outside. I researched what temperatures they can tolerate and apparently it’s 1 degree at the least. So I...
  14. Lucky_2017

    Gas and Ceotropes

    Hello! Last night I heard my rabbit farting a little bit. He hasn’t got any mucus poop or anything and he’s eating really well. But he isn’t eating his ceotropes ( I think I spelt that wrong ). I have monitored him since I’ve seen these symptoms, and his body temperature is fine. What should I...
  15. Lucky_2017

    Going On Holiday

    Hi! I’m going on holiday for a week to Egypt and I can’t take my bunny with me. He can’t go to stay anywhere else because his cages are too big and I don’t really trust them with my bun! He has a set feeding time (30g pellets at 7:15, veg at 10:00) so I don’t know what to do. If I give him a...
  16. Lucky_2017

    Tatted fur

    My rabbit Lucky is having his heavy molt, but his fur is coming out so much, I brush him twice a day and in patches I can almost see his skin. I’ll post a pic later
  17. Lucky_2017


    Hey fellow bunny lovers! I do need an answer ASAP because I’m about to clean out my rabbits cage. Ok so the main question is, is newspaper bunny safe? I have two cages put together for my bun, and he has free run of the room. However I can’t afford to keep on filling both cages, which are quite...
  18. Lucky_2017

    Feeding again...

    Hey guys again! I’m getting pretty strict on my rabbits diet, not that he’s over weight or unhealthy just because I want him to stay extra healthy! I used to just give him unlimited pellets and not so much hay. But today I went out and bought a HUGE bail of Timothy Hay, and as he’s an adult, he...
  19. Lucky_2017

    Hey fellow bunnies!

    Hey guys I’m so happy I could binky all around the room! My mummy has been very kind and now she lets me run around the room all day! I also like to chuck mummy’s glasses around! What do you like to chuck around? Show me pics!
  20. Lucky_2017


    Hey guys I feel like a bit of a hypochondriac, about my rabbit as it is my first. But I don’t have a regular feeding time I just always make sure that his food bowl has food in it. He isn’t obese or overweight, so I don’t worry to much about things like that. ——————————————————Do you recommend...