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    Seeking blind bun tips

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone to give me some advice on caring for blind bunnies! I recently got a very sweet continental giant girl and after some vet visits it turns out that she is blind (my partner and I suspected this anyway as there was pretty obvious signs from the start) she is...
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    Stinky Butt Rabbit

    I've never had experience with long haired rabbits before and am looking to learn. I've noticed recently that my double maned lionhead smells like pee around her butt area I have been changing her litter every day to prevent her sitting in soiled hay which I read can cause a stinky butt but it...
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    Baby rabbit wont stop nipping!

    My new baby girl rabbit loves to lick probably more than being petted, unfortunately she nips a lot when doing this and I can't figure out how to stop without discouraging her licking. So far I have tried yelping when she bites, rewarding licking sessions where no bites happen and moving her...
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    Bonding adult and baby rabbit? Help!

    My partner and I recently added a second rabbit to the family, she is 8 weeks and very small. As expected, our big bossy boy rabbit who is 2 isn't fond of a new bun in the house. Since she is so small we're apprehensive about the bonding process as he's already managed to do some damage to her...