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  1. Apebull

    Acting Weird after relocation

    About 5 weeks ago a pipe burst in our kitchen and we had to relocate Twigs due to construction. Well the construction is almost done and we have moved him back from my daughters room to our living/dinning room. Now Twigs is free roam 24/7 which isn't my problem. And nothing in the dinning...
  2. Apebull

    Remodel impact of bun?

    We are going to be remolding our kitchen (thanks to a burst pipe):bawl:. Twigs currently has free run 24/7 of our living room/dining room. Once the remodel is finished the kitchen will be added to his space. During the remodel he will be moved to my daughters room. He already spent the...
  3. Apebull

    Calling Whovians!

    I LOVED Tennant and wasn't a fan of Smith. But so far I like Capaldi I'm so glad they went with someone older. The doctor shouldn't be that young looking.
  4. Apebull

    Licks furnature

    Twigs has starting licking the couches and pillows like crazy. He's always licked my daughter but he's grooming her He's really into licking her feet now which is gross but that's not the problem. When we first got him he would eat the couches. So to help save them and cover the...
  5. Apebull

    feeding them pumpkin???

    Can you feed them cooked pumpkin??? and how often??? and how much??? Here's why I'm asking. Yesterday Twigs was not feeling well at all. I noticed it in the morning around 9:30ish when I finally woke up and fed him. He was just laying around and not into eating. I though that's not normal...
  6. Apebull

    Had to bite de big mommy

    It's not my fault. De big mommy was TOUCHING MY CHEST!!!:disgust: So I showed her. I nipped her finger and den foot flicked her. She no allowed to touch me dere! :grumpy: "Big Mommy" here - I wouldn't have to "touch your chest" if you weren't shedding and have big tuffs of fur that I was...
  7. Apebull

    Anti Easter Bunny Poster

    Here's a good Anti-Easter bunny poster to share on your facebook pages. It's from a local rescue.
  8. Apebull

    grass for house bun

    I would like to let Twigs dig, lay in and eat real grass, but he will not go outside. He won't even go near the sliding glass door if it's open. He's too funny. So I've thought about getting a large baking pan and growing grass in it for him to both dig in and eat. Does it matter what kind...
  9. Apebull

    Funny Rabbit Video

    I had to share it's too funny. Now I did watch it at work with my speakers off (so others won't know I'm not really working :nod ) so I'm not sure what it sounds like. But you can so tell the guy is well loved :D OK I'm not sure how to post a video, but here's the link if someone can embed...
  10. Apebull

    Re-growing Lettuce

    Has anyone here heard of this or better yet tried it? I think I might just have to try since we go through Romaine like water.
  11. Apebull

    Funny Meme of the day

    We should start a Meme of the day thread. Here's the first one :D
  12. Apebull

    What breed is in this video

    OK so I'm watching this video // and all excited about Doctor Who's 50th Anniv :woohoo and then between minute 1:03-1:25 there is this GIANT LOP:shock2: OMG he is so cute and I didn't know lops got that big. SO what breed is that??? I googled giant lops and came up with...
  13. Apebull

    Papaya gummies vs tablets

    I read that a lot of you give your buns papaya tablets to help with hair blockage. BUT what is the difference between the tablets and papaya gummies? I use the gummies and he LOVES them it's like bunny crack but are they doing any good or just making him fat lol?
  14. Apebull

    Give me da apple

    Why do my hooman eat apple in front of me and not share! It not fair! Sent from my LG-LG730 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  15. Apebull

    Phone vent and advice

    Sorry it's long. OK I need some advice and yes I'm venting a little too. I got my first smart phone in March of this year. It took me YEARS it seems like to talk my husband into it. We don't have a lot of money ok any money and while I need a phone for work I don't "need" a smart phone...
  16. Apebull

    What do you think???

    Sorry it' long :) So Twigs is a only child. I thought about getting him a bunwife when we first go him, but I didn't/don't want to risk anybun teaching him bad habits since he's such a good boy and doesn't really chew or destroy much and has perfect litter box habit. Although our leather...
  17. Apebull

    Funny - had to share

    I saw this on Facebook and just had to share. Enjoy :hyper: And feel free to add more if you have them.
  18. Apebull

    Twigs bunny 500

    Got a video of Twigs mid bunny 500 binkie fest. He does it early in the morning which is why the video is dark. After he jumped onto the couch he just proceed to start eating the blanket we keep there to protect it from just that LOL...
  19. Apebull

    Relaxing in the sun

    Open the window yesterday to let some light in so I could see what I was sowing and someone decided to take full advantage of it. He did fully extend his legs after this shot was taken. Then she brushed him for maybe 1 minutes if that and look at the ring around the butt print LOL
  20. Apebull

    Why Twigs Why

    Why is he in love with our bedroom and the underside of our bed. I'm telling you it's an obsession. If he even things your going to go in the room he runs to the door. I swear that he is stalking it. If he hears you in there he sits at the door and tries to dig up the carpet or pull it...