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    Help! What is this in Simba's poo? (Graphic?)

    Hoping somebody cnñan help as I'm at a loss. Simba has had a horrible bout of stasis or bloat over the last 36 hours, and this morning, after intensive feeding and treatment at home, he started pooing again, but the first ones were horrible with what looks like colon lining or something. It was...
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    Floppy paralysed foot - Help and advice Please!!

    So our beloved lionhead Simba went into hospital last week with a blocked up tummy that we couldn't treat at home, and when we went to pick him up after 3 days at the hospital the vet told us that his right hind foot was now paralysed! It's the strangest thing - it's completely floppy and seems...
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    Returning molar tooth roots - help!

    We’ve been fighting a long and difficult battle with dental disease in our beautiful lionhead Simba, and recently he had to have all his top molars removed after suffering from overgrowth and an abscess, which has been a major life change. We’ve done all we can but in today’s CAT scan it showed...
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    Nervous about young Lionhead molar extraction

    Hi all,this is my first post but I've read some of the threads here over the last few months which have been very helpful. Our boy Simba is a 1 year old Lionhead with serious dental problems, and he's going into hospital tomorrow for a double molar extraction and I'm wondering if anyone has had...