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  1. StarBunny

    Rehoming - northern IL

    Hi! I need to rehome my beautiful bunny. I am looking for feedback on the best way to find him a good forever home. He is such a sweet rabbit. We live in Northern IL.
  2. StarBunny

    Emergency Question-milkweed!!!

    Hi my rabbit ate about a thumbsized piece of milkweed! He is about 5 lbs. Will he be ok??? I can't take to the vet. Any advice is most welcome.
  3. StarBunny

    Home grown grass

    Hi there, Has anyone grown their own fresh grass for their rabbit? I am trying to increase water for my bunny and thought that might be a good way to do it. Also does or has anyone tried to dry out the excess and add to their store bought hay?
  4. StarBunny

    Low Calcium for Bunny

    Hi! I think I remember someone giving me information on this but for the life of me I can’t find it. I am looking for low calcium greens for my bunny. I was giving him Romaine but every time after I give it his poops get darker and softer. I give him organic and washed. Is it not working well...
  5. StarBunny

    Calcium in urine, but...

    Hi my bunny has been showing calcium in urine when it dries on certain surfaces. I’m getting him neutered in July. Anyways, what am I giving him that is causing the calcium or is it normal?? I feed unlimited Timothy hay, and give romaine daily and bits of apple, carrot or berry here and there-...
  6. StarBunny

    Weekend Vacation- bunny alone??

    Hi everyone! I am trying to find out that if my family and I go on a 2-3 day weekend vacation, will my bunny be ok with several bins of hay and several bowls of water. I plan to enlarge his cage area while we would be away to make room for exercise. He has a 14 square foot enclosure that is a...
  7. StarBunny

    Should I be concerned...?? (poo or urine spots in cage)

    Hi everyone, I found this on the resting/hangout area of Star’s cage. Once before I had seen something like this but only 1 or 2 spots. Is this a problem? I thought he laid on top of or stepped on fresh poops after having his greens. He is acting normal and happy. The second photo is closer to...
  8. StarBunny

    New Cage

    My daughter and I made this new enclosure for Star. I am so happy he has more space. Especially since he will be getting ‘the surgery’ soon and I wanted him to get around easy. Strangely, when he was in the small cage his litter habits were so much better. I need to look into training him. It’s...