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    Bonding Two Males - Tips?

    My husband and I adopted a little bunny back in November, thinking it was a little girl. Well, last night the humane society called to let us know that there was a mix-up and a bunny they were trying to adopt out had our information on that bunny's microchip. Turns out we adopted a little boy...
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    Jazz joined our family on November 11, 2014. He was born at the shelter in March, 2014 and had never known a real home or family. He is still getting used to his new surroundings and learning to be friends with our male Holland Lop, but he LOVES attention and has very quickly learned the sound...
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    Sir Anthony HOPkins (Tony)

    Tony is a sweet little Holland Lop who joined our family on August 15, 2012. He is a sweet and reserved boy who adores pets and attention. He detests hardwood floors, but he loves treats and being cuddled if we are down on the floor with him!
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    Farewell, our sweet Jessica

    I am late posting this, but we lost our beloved Jessica girl on November 10. I had posted in the health forum about her in July - she seemed to have very runny poop or incontinence. We tried for four months to pin-point the cause and determine her treatment, but it wasn't to be. Despite...
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    Difficult Bonding - Experiences?

    Does anyone out there have any experiences with really difficult bondings? As in, it took you months?! We've had our new girl for a month now. We adopted her as a companion for our boy after his bonded mate passed. The girl we adopted is eight months old and spayed. Tony is 2 years and...
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    Hello! My name is Erika and my husband and I have two wonderful and adorable Holland Lop bunnies. Tony is just over two years old and is a gorgeous tort and Jessica is a year and a half, all white, with little beige and black speckles on her ears. They are a bonded pair and an absolute...
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    Dark, dark urine and incontinence

    Hello I am new here and while I will introduce myself shortly, I am desperate for any feedback people may have. We have a year and a half holland lop bunny named Jessica. She is spayed and has been healthy up until seven weeks ago. I thought she originally had very runny stools. At one...