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  1. PaGal

    Ear Mites

    It has been a long time. I have a rabbit with ear mites. In the past with other rabbits I have treated with ivermectin but this time I would like to treat with Revolution due to a wrist injury. Giving oral meds 3 times to a large and rambunctious rabbit may be next to impossible 😄 I was hoping...
  2. PaGal

    Ear Mites

    I believe my one rabbit has ear mites. I just noticed today. It's not that bad but there are some scabby, red and yellow areas in his one ear. Is there a way for me to treat it at home or does it require a vet trip?
  3. PaGal

    Make Up Opinions needed, males included.

    I was qurious and wanted to get others opinions on what age you think is appropriate for girls to start wearing makeup?
  4. PaGal


    I am hoping to see JBun chime in here but also would not mind hearing from others that have experience. I was wondering about megacolon especially after viewing the link Chrisdoc posted to poo pics. :) and reading some threads on it. It seems often times if the megacolon cannot be cured...
  5. PaGal

    Is it RO or Is It Me????

    I cannot get to anything but the first page of any thread or blog. I can click on "last" but it takes me again to the first page. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. PaGal

    Remove Nest or Not?

    As most of you know I have an intact female bun, Shirley. Starting yesterday she has begun building a nest. Unlike last time where she just seemed to be occupied only for a few hours with building a nest this time it has lasted for two days and she is pulling fur. She is not pregnant. She is...
  7. PaGal

    Hapy Halloween!!!!

    I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!! Stay safe and eat lots of chocolate and scare as many kids as you can!
  8. PaGal

    Rabbits At The Fair

    First of all...if there is somewhere better to put this please feel free to move it.
  9. PaGal

    Difficult Decision

    As some of you know I have an intact Flemish Giant Buck. Recently I took in two intact I believe does. My neighbor no longer wanted them and asked if we wanted them or he would release them outside so we took them in so they would avoid that fate. When we took them in we did so with the...
  10. PaGal

    Rehoming Fee?

    I know some of you have cats and at least one of you works with rescuing cats. I need to find the kittens home and am aware that a rehoming fee should be asked to avoid undesirable homes for the kittens. The main thing for me is to find them good homes. I am not interested in getting any money...
  11. PaGal

    What Veggies?

    I came across a list of rabbit safe veggies and herbs, and it is a long list. The problem I am having is finding out which veggies and herbs are safe to feed every day, which are more prone to causing gas, which are high in calcium. Can anyone help?
  12. PaGal

    I Just had to Share...

    with ya'll. Not sure this is the best place for it so move it if you must. :)
  13. PaGal

    Help! Not Eating Much,Gas?

    Thumper is about 1 1/2 years old. He is fed pellets and all the hay he wants everyday. Long story short he was getting veggies/herbs till he had a period of soft poops. That was months ago and he has been fine, just haven't started him back on veggies/greens yet. He hasn't been wanting to eat...
  14. PaGal

    Help, Suggestions or Ideas on Housing?

    Long story short I will be getting two buns from my neighbor to avoid them being set loose or some other bad fate. All I know about the buns right now is that they are a little over a year old at least. If nothing has changed since they first got them then they are kept together outside. I'm...
  15. PaGal

    First Aid Kit

    So I'm putting together an emergency kit for Thumper. I have canned pumpkin as well as baby gas drops. I was planning on picking up some probiotics. I believe Benebac is one that I have read of on here. I looked it up at Pet Smart which is where I will have to go to buy some. The only...
  16. PaGal

    Soft Poops

    I just noticed that Thumper left a few poops out of his cage so went to clean them up. Leaving a few is normal. A few of the poops were soft. There was no mucous and they were more of a round shape than not. I did clean up a few cecotropes yesterday which I just figured maybe he was busy eating...
  17. PaGal

    Thumper AKA Fuzzy Butt

    Thumper is my sweet, loving fuzzy butt! He enjoys his food, binkying, playing chase and napping. He is definitely a chewer. He has his own bunny town. He's clean and neat for the most part and very well litter trained. He has turned out to not be the grey bun I was hoping for but I couldn't have...
  18. PaGal

    Fly Help

    I hadn't until yesterday read anything about fly strike. I had seen it mentioned but had absolutely no idea. I am now completely horrified and could not sleep last night due to the images my imagination had conjured up. I have seen two things mentioned as prevention that I have questions...
  19. PaGal


    I remember seeing some of you talk about giving pinecones to your bun to chew on. The girls and I took a walk on a neighboring property. It is many acres of unused land, well other than the hunt club leases it so it's only used during deer season. We picked up a bunch of large pine cones from...
  20. PaGal

    Thumper AKA fuzzy butt!

    So I thought I would start a blog to document our lives with Thumper. It will be interesting to look back at what we have been through and the fun we have had. I had the priviledge of bringing Thumper home to be one of our family at ten weeks of age, this month he will turn one year old. Over...