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  1. rlswar

    Buns launching into hutch

    Very good idea. I will try covering their eyes. Sometimes they will go in on command, but sometimes not. A more typical situation is..the first one will go in and then I get the second one in and the first one will run out. Starting the chase process all over again..
  2. rlswar

    Buns launching into hutch

    Not necessarily lifting, as my hutch has two levels, top and bottom, and has some height. If we are holding them and walking towards the hutch to put them away, as soon as they see the opening, they basically dive into the hutch opening.
  3. rlswar

    Buns launching into hutch

    Does anyone else have issues when trying to put their buns back into their hutch/cage, the buns launch into the hutch/cage like missiles? If so, any ideas on how to correct this behavior so they don't get hurt? We've tried putting them in backwards so they can't see where they are going, but...
  4. rlswar

    In tears, 1st bunny and she just started hating me .

    My male goes through stages where he loves me and cuddles and then is terrified of me. Before he was neutered, he didn't do this on/off relationship with me. I agree with the others, just lay next to cage and be present with them without trying to touch or pet. My husband has two pillows next...
  5. rlswar

    Happy in their hutches?

    Mine are inside/outside buns. If the weather is nice, we put the hutch outside and they love it. They prefer being outside in the hutch than inside in the hutch. We also have an enclosed run for outside we bought on Wayfair and its awesome, protects them from being prey and they can play in...
  6. rlswar

    How much does a vet visit & spay/neuter cost for a Rabbit?

    I just had my 4 month male bunny neutered and it cost $224. He did well and did not stay overnight. I am getting ready to have my 5 month old female spayed and the cost estimate is $325. The original first visit before the neuter/spay is $50. Keep in mind, I live in the Washington DC Metro...