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  1. FreezeNkody

    Help on holding Flemish Giant

    Rabbits don't like being picked up, my flemmie is the same way. So I don't pick him up unless I absolutely have too.
  2. FreezeNkody

    I'm NEW!!!

  3. FreezeNkody

    I'm NEW!!!

    I have a flemmie :)
  4. FreezeNkody

    Do they get that big

    My flemmie is under a year and weighs about 10lbs right now his parents were 14-18 lbs
  5. FreezeNkody

    Lets see those Buns!!

    In order Gunner my flemmie.. Tebow.. Freeze (BEW) kody
  6. FreezeNkody

    Bored Bunny - any suggestions?

    I find taking toys you have away for a few days. And the putting them back they seem to like them again.. Some rabbits don't like to play, my dwarfs don't play with anything.
  7. FreezeNkody

    Anyone in Wisconsin?

    I'm in Wisconsin :)
  8. FreezeNkody

    what other pets do you have?

    4 rabbits.. 3 dogs.. 2 inside cats... A betta fish... And 15 stray cats I feed lol
  9. FreezeNkody

    Is it just me, or do bullies always hate animals?

    She's hiding her self from others by being a "badass" or acting like one, more or less bullies have low self esteem and pick on others because that's how they do things. Just ignore her she's seeking attention :)
  10. FreezeNkody

    Went away for 4 days

    He still seems peppy and whatnot. Hopefully I caught it in time. Thanks everyone :)
  11. FreezeNkody

    Went away for 4 days

    So I went on a 4 day vacation and returned yesterday. I had out my flemmies food in an auto feeder (sifter feeder) and had a friend check on him through out he days I was gone. Before I left he had dumped his water bowl and I tried to clean it up he best I could before I left. Any way I went to...
  12. FreezeNkody

    Black widow bite

    Unfortunately yes. Sorry for your loss
  13. FreezeNkody

    help please!

    When in doubt. Call the vet
  14. FreezeNkody

    Apple chew sticks

    I get my apple sticks from a tree. Untreated and they like them :)
  15. FreezeNkody

    I'm TERRIFIED of my new rabbit

    Sounds like he needs a neuter. And how long have you had him?
  16. FreezeNkody

    Bun likes to cuddle?

    I have 4, my 2 dwarfs would rather I just feed them and leave them be. My lop is clingy and wants to be underneath me every second loves to be picked up. My FG loves his cuddle time but also likes to be on his own. He hates being picked up. All buns are different. Embrace the cuddles, it may...
  17. FreezeNkody

    Rubbed jalapeño pepper on rabbit cage

    Would rather you used bitter apple spray, or phooey spray. But I don't think it'll harm her/him
  18. FreezeNkody

    Flemish Giantt

    I'm not sure what color either. Oddly his parents were both grey. And the babies were brown. Some "calico" color lol