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  1. whitelop

    Going from Free Range to a Cage...Cage Options?

    Hello! Its been a while since I've posted! So we're planning on renovating our house and while we're doing that, we're going to be staying at my in laws house. So I have to contain Ellie! Shes been free range almost her entire life, with some brief points of being confined to a cabinet cage a...
  2. whitelop

    Elvira chewed all her toenails off!

    Hello all! Its been a very long time since I posted anything! I did want to share this weird thing that happened this morning, just because its uncommon. This morning I got up to feed Ellie and the cats in the laundry room. Walked in, its a murder scene. Ellie is hopping around, leaving...
  3. whitelop

    Rescued Wild Rabbit Baby

    Hey guys! My cats just brought up a baby rabbit, about 2 weeks old I would say. His eyes are open, hes smaller than my palm. I have him in a crate, covered with a towel right now. He doesn't seem super injured, but I'm not sure. I haven't seen any visible puncture wounds, no blood, but that...
  4. whitelop

    A way to make syringe feeding easier?

    I'm having to syringe feed Ellie right now and its incredibly difficult. I have the anise flavored critical care, which smells terrible, so thats probably part of it. Not to mention that she hates being held, touched, told to do something she doesn't want to do. And hates to have something...
  5. whitelop

    Uncomfortable, Ellie?

    This morning while I was doing my normal things in the kitchen, I noticed that Ellie was trying to flop around everywhere. She was flopped out in the path to the fridge, so when I stepped over her she got up, went to her box and struggled to flop out in the box. She has been moving every 30...
  6. whitelop

    Odd behavior today.

    Today, Ellie has been really lethargic. Shes been laying on a blanket the whole day pretty much. She hasn't really eaten many pellets today either. I just went and sat with her, she gets up to see me but then when I walk away she lays back down. I put a bowl of hay near her to see if she...
  7. whitelop

    Happy Gotcha Day Elvira!

    Today is Ellie's first gotcha day! How exciting! She got a big bite of apple this morning! Happy First Gotcha Day Ellie!
  8. whitelop

    Rabbit proof carpet/rugs?

    Is there such a thing as rabbit proof carpet or rugs? I would really like to put a rug in my kitchen, but I think Ellie would destroy it. She started to chew on my last rug, hence why its no longer in the kitchen! Is there anything they WON'T chew on?
  9. whitelop

    Why is she licking the floor?

    I've noticed lately that Ellie has been licking the floor a lot. She'll lay down and lick her foot then move to licking the floor. Then just licks the floor for a few minutes. Thats weird right? I know when they love you, they'll lick you or your clothes. She licks me and my clothes...
  10. whitelop

    Dog Utility Vests, anyone know a good brand?

    Does anyone use a utility vest for their dogs, like when you're running or walking with them? To hold your phone, keys, water bottle, etc.? I'm just getting into running and I want my dog to go with me, but I would like to have him wear something for all my stuff, sounds selfish I know! But...
  11. whitelop

    Show Me Your Nests!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who takes pictures of the nests my bun makes. Do you guys have pictures of your best nests? I'm not a breeder and Ellie has never had any babies to put into the nests, but every now and then she'll make a massive nest. Today she is hard at work making her third...
  12. whitelop

    How much cat food is too much?

    I know ultimately, you wouldn't want your rabbit to eat cat food. Ellie eats some cat food almost daily. I WOULD pull it up, but I have cats that come in and out all day long and I've found that if I put the food up I forget to put it down and they don't eat! Plus I have two old cats who...
  13. whitelop

    Antiseptic Wipes

    This is about chickens! The chicken forum I go to, is a little slow right now. But this is pretty common knowledge stuff for people who aren't well, me. haha. Anyway, with chickens you usually use Iodine, just like with rabbits because peroxide causes tissue damage and alcohol hurts. Well...
  14. whitelop

    What are Dutch supposed to look like?

    I know a little bit about the Dutch breed, like their weight is 3.5-5.5lbs. They come in an assortment of colors. Ellie is mismarked, so I'm not asking about her colors or anything. But what should her body look like? I think she's getting fat BUT I'm not sure what she should look like or...
  15. whitelop

    Corn Husks?

    Can rabbits have the corn husks? Like the outer green husk part? I know they can't have the actual corn. I just got a ton of corn and I feel bad just throwing out the husk. If Ellie can't eat it, I guess I'll feed it to the deer. Thanks!
  16. whitelop

    Trying to find a new pellet!

    I've stopped shopping at Walmart, which means that I'll no longer be able to buy the Small World rabbit food. I buy chicken feed and now cat food from Tractor Supply, so I was thinking of just making it one clean sweep of animal food from TSC. But I do buy dog food from Petsmart so rabbit food...
  17. whitelop

    What have your buns destroyed lately?

    I figured I would start a thread about the things our buns destroy. I know it happens all the time, there is no such thing as completely bunny proofing anything. Or if you don't have a destructive rabbit, what is something weird that your bun has eaten lately? I'll start us off. Ellie...
  18. whitelop

    Do they poop out objects they eat?

    So Ellie chewed half of a side of her litter box, I'm pretty sure that she ate the plastic. Terrible I know. So today when she ate a crayon, I got worried about her having some sort of blockage from the plastic and crayon. I think she'll pass the crayon, but do rabbits poop out bits of...
  19. whitelop

    She ATE a crayon!

    Ellie took several huge bites out of a crayon! Thats probably not good right?! I'm pretty sure that crayons are non-toxic because they're for kids, but are they non-toxic for rabbits? Do you guys think she's going to be okay? Why do rabbits eat things they're not supposed to? A crayon...
  20. whitelop

    To the Parents!

    My son has a new love for his stuffed lamb. So that means his little solid white lamb is getting dirty, since he drags her everywhere. The only thing is, the lamb has a music box inside and a wind up key on the back. The music box doesn't come out, so I can't throw her in the washing machine...