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  1. Lucky_2017

    Outside cage

    Thank you for the advice, I will take that idea into mind and probably will do
  2. Lucky_2017

    Outside cage

    Thankyou for the good advice, but i forgot to mention I cannot afford an x pen
  3. Lucky_2017

    Free Roam Buns In House Questions!!!

    I got my rabbit nearly a year ago. He was the perfect rabbit placid and affectionate... until we got home. He started to kick and scratch and didn’t want anything to do with me. Long story short we got him neutered and he’s amazing!! I recommend getting your rabbit neutered if they are playing up
  4. Lucky_2017


    My rabbit tends to pee and poop on sawdust, so in the bottom of the litter tray I put sawdust, also when I was training him I put a few droppings in just to prompt him to use it. Good luck :)
  5. Lucky_2017

    Outside cage

    Hey guys! I have a Holland lop male, exact size is unknown and is roughly 3 years old. He’s quite a laid back fella, he loves his cage and whenever I clean it out he always has to put things in their places. He’s quite loving and is a very chilled out rabbit, he’s pretty relaxed around my dog...
  6. Lucky_2017

    Not Eating

    Hi! I have recently been on holiday for a week and decided to leave my bum home, and let a family member come and feed him 2 bowls of food every 2 days. My rabbit is slightly on the skinny side, so I have been feeding him plenty of hay and have given him a little bit more food. For a while he...
  7. Lucky_2017

    Rabbit coloring??

    He looks kinda harlequinish
  8. Lucky_2017

    in love with this lil one

    OMG!!! I LOVE harlequins!!!!! Are you going to keep that one?
  9. Lucky_2017

    Not Eating

    Hi guys I’ve just given my rabbit his food and he appears to be not eating it. He’s sat at the cage door and wants to be let out. I think I know the problem. I asked my dad to go out and get food and he got the wrong one. It’s decent, but not as good as the old one. I also gave him a bowl of...
  10. Lucky_2017

    Getting A Budgie

    Thankyou Blue Eyes! I will look into them [emoji5]
  11. Lucky_2017

    Getting A Budgie

    Ok so something has happened meaning I cannot get another rabbit, so I’m getting birds. I’m getting budgies or cockatiels, you know just small ones. Do you think my rabbit will be disturbed by the noises? He’s fine with my dog barking and I often have the window open, and there’s this huge tree...
  12. Lucky_2017

    Eye discharge

    Does my rabbit appear to have discharge coming from his eye, if so what do I do?
  13. Lucky_2017

    No binkies?

    Yes, he flops ALL of the time
  14. Lucky_2017

    King of the castle

    I totally agree, it can cause irritation and if they get their collar caught on something high they could hang themselves. I know it’s not nice but you really should consider taking it off, he sounds really pampered! Which is great, but sometimes they don’t need fancy collars and bows, they just...
  15. Lucky_2017

    No binkies?

    Should I be concerned that my rabbit never does a binky? He’s not really that lazy and he has free run of my bedroom and often goes outside to graze.
  16. Lucky_2017

    Just got a new bunny! Super nervous...

    You definitely need somewhere soft so it can sleep on it, rabbits don’t really tend to like hard, tile floorings. If you’re not sure about the gender, try and get a pic of his/her ‘underside’ so maybe we can identify. [emoji5]
  17. Lucky_2017

    Getting another rabbit, any advice?

    Thankyou sooooo much! There’s this lady that we are going to try and contact, and she has a lot of rescue bunnies (I got lucky from a pet shop but he’s sort of a rescue because his owners couldn’t look after him). She also helps to find the perfect match, so she asks you to bring your rabbit...
  18. Lucky_2017

    Potty training!

    She’s really young! Like Blue Eyes said, she may forget the training when hormones kick in.
  19. Lucky_2017

    Getting another rabbit, any advice?

    Oh course I’m not going to get a Flemish giant!! Sorry, I didn’t word it very well did I [emoji23]. I thinking of a Holland Lop, my rabbit is about 2.5 years old. Is there any age limit I should aim for? (I’m sorry if anyone gets mad, but I’m not too keen on Rex’s)