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  1. bunnydude

    A Friend for Devon

    Since Amber passed over three weeks ago, Devon has seemed quite lonely. Even though he is acting mostly like himself, he sits all day looking bored and alone. We’ve been giving him tons of extra attention, but I don’t it is an adequate substitute for another bunny – a true 24 hour...
  2. bunnydude

    Amber May

    I am writing something that I never hoped to write, something that I have avoided writing about for almost a week and a half. On Saturday, June 7, our beautiful Amber May passed away. The day before she was less willing to eat, but would take some water from a syringe. This was a pattern she...
  3. bunnydude

    Review Your Vet on ZOOTOO

    In order to rack up points for Midwest Rabbit Rescue, please post a review of your rabbit savvy veterinarian(s) on Zootoo. Here's how to do it:Follow this link to sign up (if you haven't already): the following zipcode: 48170 and...
  4. bunnydude

    Rescue: Egg Harbor, NJ

    I just saw this on the local news. 57 rabbits were seized from an elderley man's home in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. They were kept in terrible conditions and many have been involved in fights. The Atlantic County SPCA is looking for foster homes and adopters. Here's the link to the story and...
  5. bunnydude

    Injection site reaction?

    Late yesterday, I found a nasty, scabbed over wound on Devon's back. It was 11 o'clock at night when I noticed (Thanks, Devon:?!). We called the emergency vet and she said to wait to see our regular vets since he was eating/drinking/acting fine. So we just got back from the vet's, and her...
  6. bunnydude

    Devon and Amber in '08

    :bunnydance: Hey everyone,:bunnydance: Welcome to Devon and Amber's brand new bunny blog:D. Things have been really crazy recently, but I can't believe that I haven't posted since October! Luckily things have been slowing down. I've finished the college application stuff and have been accepted...
  7. bunnydude

    O/T What to do with a lost homing pigeon?

    Today we found a homing pigeon in our backyard. It doesn't appear injured, but it has been wandering around in our yard for several hours. It's also very friendly. A website I found suggests giving it water (which I just did) and food and putting it in something dog and cat proof for 24-48...
  8. bunnydude

    Dog and Cat Food Recalls

    Just saw this on MSNBC. Eukanuba, Iams, and some store brands are recalling some foods due to reports of kidney failure. The article is here:
  9. bunnydude

    Eye Tearing

    Hi everyone, This morning I woke up and noticed that Devon had a bit of eye discharge, and just a few minutes ago realized that it had become somewhat severe. Luckily, the vet has an appointment open about an hour from now, so we'll be taking him down. But he still has an appetite and no other...
  10. bunnydude

    Guinea pig sitting...

    Hello, We're pet sitting someone's guinea pig for a week. There aren't any toys with her; what can we give her? I have some unopened rabbit toys (the super pet wood blocks). Can we give her those? What about paper towel and toilet paper tubes? I have zero experience with guinea pigs, and I...
  11. bunnydude

    Squished Rabbits

    We all havethem... pictures of our rabbits being squished:shock:. Squished by other rabbits, other animals, and even the occasional inanimate object! So post 'em here! I'll start:
  12. bunnydude

    MyBabyBunnies, our newest moderator!

    We're pleased to announce that Laura (MyBabyBunnies) has signed on as the newest Rabbits Only moderator.:bunnydance::elephant: She is a long time member who we have always known as a friendly and knowledgeable person. We're grateful that she has agreed to join the RO moderation team!:colors...
  13. bunnydude

    More space, less activity?

    Hello, Recently Devon and Amber have been given a lot more space. It used to be that they were let out about 3-4 hours per day, and they spent the rest in a sizeable condo cage. We recently bunny-proofed the room with the cage, so they now have free-roam of that room even when we are not...
  14. bunnydude

    Rabbits on Animal Precinct

    In case any one is interested, Animal Planet is showing an Animal Precinct episode at noon that has something about "rabbit whispering." It's also on July 15 at 7:00 pm.
  15. bunnydude

    PIN: Vets That Will Do Consultations

    If your veterinarian cannot find the solution to a problem, he/she may want to contact one of these nationally known rabbit vets. They will consult with other vets over the phone or by e-mail:Dr. Susan Brown, (708-344-8166) Dr. Carolynn Harvey, (510-654-8375) Dr. Jeff Jenkins, (800-379-6842)Dr...
  16. bunnydude

    Rabbit Savvy Vets - Germany Y

    Please contribute to this list of rabbit savvy vets in Germany.
  17. bunnydude


    Who's your Vet? If they're rabbit-savvy, please list them in our Vet section! We are starting the process of changing the format of the vet forum threads. We hope you will find them more organized. You can see examples of this new format in Illinois and Alabama...
  18. bunnydude

    3500 members!

    Rabbits Only has hit another big milestone, 3500 members:elephant::bunnydance::colors: Congratulations to uberness for being our 3500th member! Thanks to everyone who plays a part in this community! We have grown so much! :happybunny::great:
  19. bunnydude

    Amber's not feeling well

    Like so many times before, Amber has stopped eating. I'm not too panicked because this follows her usual pattern. She does this whenever something in her routine changes. Since summer break just started, she is getting fed a little later (during the school year, she got fed at 6:00 am), and her...
  20. bunnydude

    I think I may have found loose domestic bunnies

    Hello, We were driving through the neighborhood a few minutes ago and we sawtwo loose bunnies on someone's lawn. One of them looked like yourtraditional wild bunny (brown); however, the other one looked black andwhite (kind of like a miss-marked dutch). Are there wild bunnies thatlook like...