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  1. polly

    beverens and babies

    Not sure if many of you will remember the last litter I had pics are around somewhere well this is the buck I kept called Spike This is Princess she is just about ready for her first breeding lovely doe I havent decided who is going to get the honours yet lol And this...
  2. polly

    Bruce's poles

    I didnt get them posing Bruce is on standby and we really need two for a pole lol This is Edna his brood doe ( she is enjoying her carrot :) ) Moomin his show buck. and his baby last look it was a doe!!
  3. polly

    Binky free Newbie

    Newbie was one of our dwarf lops we had before we started breeding when my sis in law split with her husband and had to give up her dog and we decided to start breeding we gave our 2 lops Misty and Newbie to her for company. He was a big bun for a dwarf lop but a total sweetie I hope there are...
  4. polly

    heres a couple I bred earlier :P

    So I kind of accidentally lost my memory stick and converter for my camera and thanks to some xmas money managed to buy a new one. I wanted to share a couple of pictures of 2 nethies I bred last year I am pretty chuffed with them tho nothings ever perfect if you want to crit please feel free...
  5. polly

    Bruce got his christmas present early!!

    I was trying to wait till I got pictures but it takes 2 with these little critters :P I bought Bruce a breeding pair of REW polish ( brittania petites!) for his christmas ( he got them now because they had to be brought up from england) They are stunning and have come from one of the top...
  6. polly

    gum infection issue

    Ok so one of my pet rabbits Alfie went into get his molar spurs done today. I knew they weren't to bad but he also needed his front teeth clipped and Alfie doesnt like heights so I figured best to get both done while he was under. anyway when they went to do the first spur one of his back...
  7. polly

    Had a great show today :0)

    I am so so happy tonight we drove 3 1/2 hours up to Keith near the top of Scotland today for a show the fur judge keeps beverens and he rated Sully my big buck. He won his class with Monster 2nd he won Best fur rabbit, and Best adult overall and was just pipped to Best in show by a u5 ermine...
  8. polly

    interesting trip to pets at home

    Today Bruce was getting a lump removed out of his back so while he was in hospital I went to falkirks pets at home to get dog and rabbit food. I was very surprised to see french lops, rex and english rabbits as usually they only have mutt breeds in their pet shops. As I went round with all...
  9. polly

    my set up

    We have 3 rabbit sheds and 1 storage shed where I keep my travel boxes and feed etc. This is my newest shed and my 2 older sheds This is the inside of my new shed we have 25 hutches in this shed this is teh other side (sorry its a bit of a mess we are still...
  10. polly

    *sigh* the joy of breeding netherlands

    I had 3 litters due this weekend out of those 3 I have had 1 live litter ( 2 alive babies) and 5 dead babiesfrom the other 2. Netherlands can be so heart breaking sometimes :(
  11. polly

    Nibbler and Indy

    What a bad week. I lost my house rabbit Nibbler on tuesday he had a blockage and we had him to teh vets but we couldnt get him sorted he was my blue otter andcame from the same place my Dido came from I amso sad he was only coming up 3 then this weekend we were away for a bbq and when we came...
  12. polly

    List of rabbits shows

    Here is a link to rabbit shows in the UK. Its always being updated :)
  13. polly


    Dennis you have been one of the most loving buns we have ever had. You were a licker whenever your dad brushed you. A real lothario with the ladies too! You were a little bu**ar for pushing the dog out of her tea so you could have some, and running to hide behind the bin so we couldnt get you...
  14. polly

    Flashy hit 6000 posts :0)

    congratulations Flashy :) 6000 posts :bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance:
  15. polly

    would you or wouldnt you?

    I have a baby chin nethie and it doesn't have a front foot! its not been groomed off by the mum its just a little round stump where its foot should be. The reason i know its not been overgroomed is because you can see 3 tiny claws coming through on its stump. So my questionsare would you or...
  16. polly

    baby beverens

    OK guys here are the baby beverens they were born this morning (sunday) they are all blue the white one you can see is a netherland dwarf that will be a week old on tuesday!!
  17. polly

    true bleu's

    I figured I would start a blog for my beverens as they really deserve to have their own space especially now we have a breeding pair. Actually hopefully Lady marmalade is actually due a litter today (though they tend to go late) so I have my fingers crossed that we may get babies she has been...
  18. polly

    Got my bleu beveren doe!!

    SHe is lovely I have named her Lady marmalade lol I only got her last saturday but she has settled in well and is very quiet and gentle comapred to Sully (which isnt hard!!) hers hoping for lots of little baby beverens running around soon
  19. polly

    Mini stroke?

    Hi guys, I know I havent been around much but last week while going through other stuff one of my pet rabbits Dennis has what we think is like a mini stroke. I think Randy calls them vascular incidents? Its not the first time it has happened but its the first time my other half has seen it...
  20. polly

    New website for my rabbitry

    Phew first shot at HTML have done it all by myself with a little help from Bruce lol ok a lot of help :P