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  1. Ruki

    Fruit/Veggie List?

    Can someone post a list of must have safe fruits and veggies for bunnies? Im getting ready to go to the store and I really wanna spoil my boy and get him lots of veggies and fruits! :biggrin:
  2. Ruki

    Name Help?! *photos included*

    I need help thinking of a name for my bunny.. As most of you know he is a harlequin mini rex. Here are some pic's to hopefully help with the picking out some names... he was attacking his chew toy :laughsmiley:
  3. Ruki

    Ear Problem?

    I think my bunny might have a ear problem but Im not sure. He is holding his ear back towards his shoulder blade and keeps it owner than the other. He has also been digging in it with his back toenails, Im guessing he's itching it.When he hears a noise, his left ear perks up but he keeps his...
  4. Ruki

    His Cage

    This is my bunnies cage He is a free roam bunny 90% of the time though. He only goes in it to sleep at night and when I leave the house. Im going to be making him a ramp this week to attach to the cage, that way he can go in and out of the cage as he pleases. Just thought I'd share :)
  5. Ruki

    Sphynx Kitty♥

    This is Ruki my Sphynx. That's where I got my username :) He Is called a 'cream' and he has one light blue eye and one dark blue eye. He's considered Bi-eyed. He's my baby and so super spoiled! He's around 6 months old now. He has the most wonderful, funny, loving, playful personality ever...
  6. Ruki

    New Here

    I'm going to try to keep my intro short and simple. My name is Rachel, Im 21 years old. Im married to the man of my dreams and we have a beautiful daughter who's almost a year old! We also have a few other furry members of the family which include 2 dogs, 2 cats and a new bunny! Our dogs are an...