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    Bambi stopped eating and in emergency care

    So my little angel wouldnt eat and took to hiding herself away, she was taken to an emergency vets and they gave her lots of fluids and meds, he glucose was very very high and she couldnt keep her body temp stable. She was although drinking ALOT of water. Nugget had been protecting her and...
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    Has any body experienced a bunny thats dribbling? I cant get a vets appointment at the moment and im concerned about how much Nugget is drooling recently. Constantly wet where he lays or eats
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    Baby food

    Hello, does anybody know which baby food is safe for bunnys to eat. Bambi has just has surgery and slow to eat hard food but she is eating.I managed to get a carrot puree which she goes mad for but im aware of the risks of too much carrot so im looking for other baby food, mush, puree that...
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    Lower Jaw abscess 4 years

    Hello, I have little Bambi who is 7 years old and for the past 4 of these she has suffered lower jaw abscess. These have become much more regular in the past year and even months with her being on ciprofloxacin, metacam, tramadol, gabapentin, eradia and also now having weekly laser therapy. I...
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    New here with Bambi & Nugget Rex’s

    Hello, i have searched for a forum to help with a bunny suffering ongoing lower jaw abscess and found you guys. Little Bambi is 7 and Nugget is 8 1/2 years old. Very pampered house rabbits that get only the very best of everything. Hope to interact with many of you soon on various aspects of...