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  1. Ilovemyrabbit

    I'll crochet your bunny

    Hi everyone! I've worked out my own crochet bunny pattern and I'd like to test it out on someone's rabbit. I don't have the color's of yarn to crochet my Ash, so the first person to post here will get their bunny crocheted or one of ther bunnies if you have multiple bunnies. After its finished...
  2. Ilovemyrabbit

    Apple twigs?

    We have some wild apple trees growing on our property that are not sprayed. I want to give Ash some to chew on but I read somewhere that they have to be thoroughly dried before giving them to your bunny. Is that true? Thanks! :)
  3. Ilovemyrabbit

    Where do your buns like to be rubbed?

    Where do your bunnies like to be rubbed? Ash could sit all day being rubbed at the base of his ears. He also loves nose rubs. I can feel him 'purring' when I rub the base of his ears and/or rub his nose. He loves being petted in both those places. He settles in the bun loaf position whenever I...
  4. Ilovemyrabbit

    Bunny ingested furball

    Hi all, I'm asking this for a friend. A friend I know over the internet who has a lot of bunnies. She told me today over PM that one of her rabbits ingested a furball. She says he's not eating anything. I don't know anything about his age, breed, how long he's been not eating, ect. But I'd just...
  5. Ilovemyrabbit


    Yesterday I saw Ash laying on the floor. His belly looked a little bloated so I went over and felt it and it did feel a little bloated so I went online and read some stuff. I read the symptoms were belly gurgling and grinding teeth but Ash had shown none of these signs. I read that you shouldn't...
  6. Ilovemyrabbit


    Is it okay if I manually put a signature in my posts? I know the mods can have signatures and I'd gladly be one but I don't have the money to pay. So just wondering if its okay with you mods if I manually put a signature in my posts. Thanks.
  7. Ilovemyrabbit

    New crochet dragon!!! :)

    Hi guys, after entering my crochet dragon in an art contest I didn't have it for a couple of weeks that's why I didn't share any pics of it with you all, because I didn't get any before I submitted it. Anyway after finally getting it back yesterday I got a couple of pics for you all. The art...
  8. Ilovemyrabbit

    Getting a tooth pulled

    In about an hour I have to go in to get a tooth pulled. Its a baby tooth without an adult tooth behind it. For some reason an adult tooth didn't develop my dentist said its a fairly common problem. I've already had 2 others pulled without adult teeth behind them. Now I'm going in for my last...
  9. Ilovemyrabbit

    Dragon pictures!

    Hi everyone! I love crocheting things and now I have an obsession with crocheting dragons. I want to design another one but I'm trying to find a really good dragon picture with the perfect wings, body, and legs. Its hard to choose a favorite so if any of you all find any pictures of cool dragons...
  10. Ilovemyrabbit

    1,000,00 posts!

    Yay! Our forum now has more than 1,000,00 posts! Woo! :D
  11. Ilovemyrabbit

    New pictures of Ash!

    Here are some recent pictures of Ash. :) I took them yesterday. ^ A picture of the weird black marking on his head. ^ A picture of how the fur on his back looks after he shedded a bit. He still is shedding. ^ Another view of how the fur on his back looks after shedding some of it.
  12. Ilovemyrabbit

    Funny bunny pictures! :)

    I searched the internet and I found a handful of really cute and funny bunny pictures. Here they are. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Vote for your favorite picture! :)
  13. Ilovemyrabbit

    Just thought I'd share

    Just thought I'd share this cool video of crocheted coral reefs:
  14. Ilovemyrabbit

    The food game

    I've decided to post a new game here as well lol. :) What you do is the first person posts the name of a food, example: chicken. The next person has to use the last letter of the word and make a new food word, example: noodles. So someone would post the word noodles in their next post. I'll...
  15. Ilovemyrabbit

    Watermelon seeds

    I fed my Ash a piece of watermelon today and I forgot to make sure that it didn't have any seeds. I don't remember seeing any seeds in it and it was a pretty small piece but I'm wondering if there was a seed or two in it and he ate them will he be okay? Thanks!
  16. Ilovemyrabbit

    Any American Chinchilla rabbit owners?

    Hey everyone! I have a American Chinchilla rabbit and I was wondering if anyone else has one. I haven't seen anyone around the forum with one yet. I alone. Here he is.
  17. Ilovemyrabbit

    Crochet dragon I made

    Here is a crochet dragon I made. I finished him on Monday. He took about 2 weeks to make working on and off. Anyway here he is. Just thought I'd share, Ignore the mess in the background, that is our storage room.
  18. Ilovemyrabbit

    Is my bunny is shedding?

    Its been getting really hot out these last two months and we don't have any air conditioning so I've been giving Ash frozen water bottles. Anyway, today after getting Ash a frozen water bottle I was petting him and rubbing my hands on the frozen water bottle than petting his head and ears with...
  19. Ilovemyrabbit

    What crochet animal should I make next?

    Hey guys! As some of you know I like to crochet. I'm having a hard time coming up with what animal I should try to make next. SO I decided to have a poll. Whatever I make will be as detailed as I can make it. If anyones wondering why crochet bunny is not in the list its because I already made...
  20. Ilovemyrabbit

    Really cute video!

    I just thought I'd share this video of a really cute little bunny: