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  1. BugLady


    Definitely give her more time! When I brought Appledot home the dynamic was similar - I started with a well behaved bunny (Rascal), and added a psycho bunny (Appledot). They had a "poop war" for two weeks as they sorted out territory and who knows what else.... by one month everything was...
  2. BugLady

    Make them stop?

    Buns are sneaky little things! Mine respond pretty well to a sharp "NO" while clapping my hands, especially if I start walking toward them. Rascal listens right away, but Appledot usually waits until the second or third warning, then hops and binkies away! She appears to enjoy getting caught...
  3. BugLady

    Outdoor runs

    Hi! I'm moving to a new place soon, and will have a good sized yard. I've been thinking about building the bunnies a big run outside - not to stay outside, but to have a place to play and dig with supervision. Preferably something I can also sit inside of in order to interact with them. Do any...
  4. BugLady

    Got a new bun, poops everywhere.

    My buns also had a "poop war" for about two weeks when they were bonding. I was so relieved when it subsided! I would just be patient, and keep doing what you're doing.
  5. BugLady

    Dutch and Holland Lop had babies

    Ohmygoodness I am in LOVE with the brown/gray ones with the sort-of dutch markings. They are too cute! Love the pictures of them nursing too, hehe. I hope they all find awesome homes <3
  6. BugLady

    unknown bunny breed HELP!!!!

    They look just like my rabbit, Appledot! Nobody knows what she is either, haha. Some sort of mix (adopted her from a shelter). They probably will not get much bigger, but who knows?
  7. BugLady

    Rabbits and college? Sneaking a rabbit in?

    My college dorm had kitchens, but that was in Canada and the dorm building was really old. Probably built back in the day when they actually trusted students to cook and not set the building on fire? That's where I really learned to cook, it was awesome. I'm not sure how many universities have...
  8. BugLady

    Rabbits and college? Sneaking a rabbit in?

    You also may be overestimating how big a dorm room really is... by the time you fit two beds, two desks, two dressers... there may be only a few square feet of space to move around. My dorm in college was TINY. My bed was only about three or four feet away from my roommate's bed. I cannot...
  9. BugLady

    Rabbits and college? Sneaking a rabbit in?

    I know it's hard, but don't sneak them into a dorm! When I went to college I snuck one of my snakes and a tarantula into my dorm room, but it was SO nervewracking. It was hard to keep quiet about it, so friends ended up finding out, and I was always worried I would get caught and have no one to...
  10. BugLady

    Bonded pairs and success rate?

    I've only dealt with bonding one pair, but it has been great! I took my bun Rascal to a shelter for some bunny dates. The first few dates did not go so well, but with Appledot they mostly ignored each other. Figured that was better than fighting so I took a chance. Once I brought them home I...
  11. BugLady

    This is the setup I made for my gf 2 bonded dwarf bunnies

    Awesome! I'd love to make mazes or little houses like that, what did you use to cut the circles?
  12. BugLady

    Rabbit tricks

    I clicker trained Rascal, but once I adopted Appledot, it became impossible to use the clicker when they're both begging for treats. I'd really need to separate them to train them each individually, and I haven't had time for that lately. However they both know spin, up, and kiss (touch their...
  13. BugLady

    New to Rabbits

    Hi! It sounds like you already have a full house, so you'll need to be sure that you are willing to give the rabbit plenty of attention for its entire life, without relying on the interest of your children (which will probably wane after a few months). As for vet visits - mine get a yearly...
  14. BugLady

    Can't Litter Train My 2 Neutered & Spayed Bunnies

    How long has it been since they have been reintroduced? Mine had a territorial "poop war" for about two weeks after I brought Appledot home. It drove me crazy. But after that they slowly started getting better, learned how to share the litterboxes, and now they're nearly perfect. I think the...
  15. BugLady

    New hedgehog to meet my two bonded bunnies

    I would first see how they do interacting through the bars of a cage, or while the hedgie is in your hands. I can't imagine they would get along well enough to be let out loose together, but it all depends on their personalities I guess. Some buns can get along with cats and dogs just fine, and...
  16. BugLady

    House bunny - where does yours sleep at night?

    Mine are out 24/7, but I close the bedroom door at night, otherwise they wake me up at all hours zooming around and jumping on the bed! I usually open the door when my alarm goes off, then curl up in bed for a few more minutes... and they come rushing in to wake me up for breakfast. They're so...
  17. BugLady

    Boarding / rabbit sitting ?????

    I think leaving the rabbits at home and hiring a sitter would be the least stressful, since they will be in their own familiar environment. I recently went away for one week, and had a few friends take turns watching them. They came by twice per day to give food and water and treats. When I...
  18. BugLady

    Vet vs Internet...

    Everyone has given great answers so far. My rabbits are both indoor only, and never caged - they are free in the house and litter trained just like cats. They get to run until they're exhausted and play and nap and basically do anything they desire. They were both rescues and extremely skittish...
  19. BugLady

    Your personal opinion

    My dutch is shy, but very curious and energetic. Though he was a rescue (neglected the first 6 months of his life), so maybe he'd be friendlier if he was handled at a young age. He enjoys head rubs, but doesn't want to be cuddled. He's also quite smart - learned a few tricks very quickly. My...
  20. BugLady

    What brand of pellet do you feed your bun?

    I use Oxbow Natural Science - has the best ingredients of anything I've seen for sale around here. My buns love it! They share about 1.5 cups per day in addition to their unlimited timothy hay (from a nearby farm), and fresh veggies twice per day.