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  1. selbert

    Experimenting with greens!

    Hi all! Lately the buns and I have been experimenting with all sorts of greens! We started off simple, knowing new foods should be introduced gradually, but now we've got some really good salads for lunchtime treats! The favourite at the minute is: baby spinach leaves, parsley, a tiny...
  2. selbert

    Slight concern, Dog is acting strange.

    This morning was very unusual. Dope was being his normal hungry self but Dog seemed very hesitant. She ate perfectly well but seemed very unsure of me. I figured maybe she was sleepy and went on to do my normal morning tasks. Later, however, when I went back for an hours cuddle and play she...
  3. selbert


    Dope, or Dillion as he is known by my family, is such a character! He is knocking on to 6 months now, growing up so fast! I would best describe this little guy as a munchkin! Emphasis on MUNCH haha, he will nom through anything and he will do it fast so he can get to Dog's before she finishes...
  4. selbert

    So many bunnez!
  5. selbert

    I want to live...

    On Bunny Island! Check this out!
  6. selbert

    Where can I shop?

    Hello all! I'm from the UK and I really do struggle when finding websites where I can buy my buns little treats, toys and whatnot. I'm absolutely in love with bunnyrabbittoys on Etsy which I've seen are prizes in a draw on here! However, because I live in England the shipping would be crazy...
  7. selbert

    Ew mites!

    Even though I'm incredibly careful with the cleanliness of my rabbits enclosure (and mine!) my poor buns have mites :( I suppose it's just one of those things that you can never fully prevent! They live in our bedroom, one in a cage, one free roam (until neutered) I've washed all the...
  8. selbert

    Good vet stories!

    I'm sure many have come across and heard of many bad vets, and there's even a website to alert people of them. But I want to tell you of a GOOD vet I met whilst taking my darling bun to be spayed. He's from Sheffield, UK and is called Rob. I've never met someone so kind and caring towards an...
  9. selbert

    Dope and Dog's adventures!

    Hello from the UK! I have two naughty, adorable little buns: a buck called Dope and a doe called Dog and they are both around 5 months old. I first saved Dog from the horrible compounds of a Petsathome store (I often go to see if the animals are okay/pick up dog treats for my brother), where...
  10. selbert

    URGERNT! Help stop cruelty!

  11. selbert


    Last Wednesday I adopted a little 5 month old mini lop buck as a companion for my little doe (also only around 5 months old). They hit it off so well! Madly in love! Ate together, slept side by side (cage separating them) even pooped at the same time! Dope (boy) was on muesli by his previous...
  12. selbert

    Dope's nads!

    Well I dropped Dope, my 6 month mini-lop buck, off at the vets for the snip! I was just wondering what behaviour to expect and if there's anything I can do (short of some apple and a few treats) to make him feel a bit better when I pick him up later. Also I found out today that boys can...
  13. selbert

    Bunny Tricks!

    Can anybody's rabbits do tricks? I'd love to know what tricks and how! :brown-bunny
  14. selbert

    Bonding and Poop (two different questions)

    Hi all I've just got two little questions :) I've got two mini lops, male and female, separated at the moment. They will be neutered shortly and at the minute seem very fond of each other through their cages. 1) How long after the castration and spay should I leave it before I get rid of...
  15. selbert

    Food Storage!

    I haven't come across the problem of the soggy pellets just yet, but I've started buying bigger bags and so was wondering if anyone knows of any decent food storage containers available in England? :bunny24
  16. selbert


    Dog is the funniest rabbit I've known! She's a 5 month old, soon to be neutered Lop who loves going for walks. Perfectly behaved and constant entertainment, I was given Dog as a present to keep me company whilst my partner worked in Malaysia. She's the best company anyone could ask for! Now I'm...
  17. selbert

    Help with bonding!

    I currently have a little doe bun (a mini lop) and she's booked in to be spayed on the 11th. I'm eager to get her a companion and an add in the paper caught my eye of a girl desperately in need to re-home her 6 month old house bunny before she has to leave the country. Now this bun is a boy and...