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    A happy bunny/ies

    We all love our little bunny/ies! The question is. When is your bunny/ies is the most happiest and what do he/she do when being excited? When she is out of her cage scattering around the house and. the hops, jumps. twists her body as she dose I know that she is a happy and contented and I...
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    Pepper being very naughty

    It all started with my Step daughter having 2 little bunnies. I wanted one then so fiend of mine suggested to go to the pet shop near me which was around the corner from me. So I went the shop and I had seen 4 baby bunnies which I fell in love with all, but I had to choose one. I had put my had...
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    Clipping claws

    Hi guys I need your help on this one please. I'm very knowledgable where it comes to rabbit claws. The question I would like to ask. Is! is there any info on here about how far can you clip rabbits claws. Also can you ordinay nail clippers to clip claws? I had notice that Peppers claws are...
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    Hi my bunny freinds what's your favourite thing chew and nibble on. Mine is willow my mummy has not got any more for me, but she's been busy with work. I know she will get me more. becouse I know how much she loves me:D
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    Having a taste of freedom

    Hi guys Spring has just arrieved and it's getting warmer for Pepper to out in the back garden, but there is one thing that is worring me. The sparrow hawk yes those birds. We have a sparrow hawk hanging around my area in the spring and summer and being the colour Pepper is. (The colouring of a...
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    Pepper & I saying hi

    Hello all. Lets introduce myself. I'm Lorraine, I only have one rabbit it's a little doe and her name is pepper. Her colour coating is like a wild rabbit. she is 8 months old. I hope I'll enjoy my stay and having more knowledge on rabbits, also helping others with my experinces with Pepper...