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    Frith's Family Home Thread

    Hi everybody! I enjoy reading through people'shome threads (and plotting my bunnynap list) and laughing over all thecute bunny pics on this forum. I hope our bunny family can provide youwith a few smiles as well. :D We currently have six bunnies. Two bonded couples: Spanky (a rex) andGiselle...
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    Name that Breed

    Just brought home another rescue bunny. My vet gave my name to a guy who had "rescued" this rabbit from his neighbor's yard...the kid who had this rabbit (and its partner) neglected them to the point where one died. The man who saved this rabbit nursed it back to health, but needed a home for...
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    Take a Bunny to Work Day

    I've got one of my buns with me at work today. :D We had to stop by the vet to get his chompers trimmed up this morning,so I've got him right next to me here at my desk. He's sitting in histravel cage, chowing down on some hay. What a nice treat, to have oneof my babies here with me.