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    Need Independent bun sitter or reliable "business" in Long Island NY

    I am going away for 3-4 days and my former sitter is no longer available. I noticed a good amount of businesses in my google search claiming rabbit experience. Anyone has used these sitter businesses or know reliable sitters for in home care? I have 2 middle aged and senior bunnies and I am...
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    testicular tumor in 6yr old

    My mini lop has an enlarged testicle that I first noticed last year at the start of the pandemic. I secured an appt with one of his vets and she stated that it was most likely a tumor and they were usually not malignant. Surgery is the only option. She did not convey urgency so here I am, a...
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    Vet has never seen what my rabbit has

    I noticed the day before yesterday that my Houdini was standing oddly. When I looked at his rear end, I saw a large protrusion seemingly to come from the anal area. A milky discharge was present when I rinsed the area with warm water. I panicked and got an appointment yesterday with the vet. She...