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  1. GGRabbit

    Growth on Lip

    Hi Has anyone ever seen a growth on their rabbit's lip? My rabbit started developing it maybe 10 days ago. She isn't in contact with any other rabbits and is an indoor rabbit so I doubt it can be anything contagious. Any ideas? Eating, drinking and pooping is normal
  2. GGRabbit

    Rabbit Teeth Issue?

    Sorry, I was unable to respond the last couple of days. I'll be taking my rabbit to the vet hopefully tomorrow (there are no good rabbit vets around my area). Hi Niomi, yes it looks like the other tooth has broken off rather than one outgrowing the other. I haven't noticed her biting the cage...
  3. GGRabbit

    Rabbit Teeth Issue?

    I don't suppose ensuring she has more chew toys will help? I've heard that if you need to take a bunny to the vet to get it's teeth trimmed, it's likely to be a regular occurrence. Is that correct?
  4. GGRabbit

    Rabbit Teeth Issue?

    Hi I've just noticed that my young rabbit (6 months old) has different sized front teeth. From memory this is new; previously they were the same size. Based on the photo I've uploaded, is this something to be concerned about? Otherwise she is behaving perfectly normal, eating well, running...