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  1. ChocoClover

    Is this an ear infection?

    I'm worried about my bunny Maya. She will sway back and forth with her head when she sits still, and I'm really hoping it's not vertigo. It's not dramatic or fast, but definitely noticeable. :nono She has no head tilt. Her energy levels are normal, and she is eating and drinking...
  2. ChocoClover

    Sneezy bunnies

    My bunbuns have all started sneezing lately. There is no white snot, just the occasional sneeze. That is the only symptom. I guess the noses are runny a bit, but no white. Do you know what this could be?
  3. ChocoClover

    Himi mini Rex babies

    I have to show pictures! Oh my gosh they are so cute! Shirley likes to assume the protective mother stance when I put the camera inside. She sits on top of the nestbox.
  4. ChocoClover

    My (hopefully) pregnant rabbit hasn't pulled fur yet

    Yesterday was the day I put the nestbox in. She is due on the ninth. She hasn't pulled fur yet, though. I'm wondering if it is normal for them to wait to pull fur? I am new at breeding. Does this mean she is not pregnant? I did try to palpate her, but like I said, I'm new and I don't...
  5. ChocoClover

    Is it just me, or do bullies always hate animals?

    I have this really mean girl in my class who always makes fun of me in front of the other kids. She laughed when she found her sister's cat dead, and she always tells me she loves to eat rabbits! This bully kid in my brother's school, who used to be really mean to him, joked around about...
  6. ChocoClover

    Pregnant bun is having a first-class temper tantrum

    Is it normal for pregnant bunnies to have temper tantrums? This is the first temper tantrum she's had. She is tipping the bowl, chew chew chewing, and rattling her bars. She thumps when I get near (totally not like her) and won't eat her pellets when I'm watching. I walked in on her eating...
  7. ChocoClover

    My rabbit suddenly and inexplicably lost his tail!

    Just when I thought I was prepared for anything that might happen to my rabbits, I find a tail on the floor. I took Theo out yesterday for some exercise. (I also took out Snowy, but not Shirley because she's pregnant). The cuddle session and running around passed uneventfully. I put him back...
  8. ChocoClover

    Check Out This Cool Rabbitry! It's way out of my reach, but really cool.
  9. ChocoClover

    Tell About Your Wild Bunnies!

    Many people have funny stories and photos of wild rabbits just waiting to be shared! Post you wild rabbit pictures and stories here! The other day, I looked out on my yard and saw three wild bunnies! There were (I think) two males and one female. The two males stopped really close to my...
  10. ChocoClover

    A little hesitant about selling buns to my friend...

    As some if you might have seen, I bred my bunnies and will have babies ready for sale in the middle of summer. My very good friend, who also is my brothers very good friend, wants to get one. His parents HAVE had a house bun before. The problem is that he has a very nonchalant attitude...
  11. ChocoClover

    Does anyone else use the rabbit forum while they sit in class?

    I am sitting in class right now. I am really bored of school and excited for it to be over so I can have family and rabbit time! I know it's *naughty, naughty* of me! but IM BORED!!! I'm not so bored when I'm thinking about rabbits, though... Post if you sit in class with your...
  12. ChocoClover

    Rabbit ate plastic bag

    Theo ate a portion of a plastic bag! Help! The bag is behind the cage so that the wall doesn't get sprayed on. I came in to see that it had been pulled through the bars and was in the process of being chewed. Theo does have good cardboard to chew on. However, he always prefers to chew his...
  13. ChocoClover

    Dream bunny

    What would your dream breed of bunny be? Mine would be a mini Rex with lop ears.
  14. ChocoClover

    Good Markings? Or Not?

    This is Theo. He is a Himalayan mini Rex. I want to show him and I'm wondering if anyone can see any faults. I am new to showing and I would appreciate input. P. S. His fur is really thick. Sorry about the picture. He moves around a lot and I couldn't get him to sit still well enough...
  15. ChocoClover

    My female rabbit nipped me when she was growling at another female!

    I was taking my two females out. Shirley was in the playpen and Snowball was on a leash. Snowy (very quickly) moved to the pen and growled at Shirley. Shirley tried to bite snowy through the bars. To keep Snowy's nose safe, I pulled her back. She freaked out and gave me a territorial...
  16. ChocoClover

    Anyone in Wisconsin?

    There's no thread for Wisconsinites yet, so I thought I'd start one. I live in WI.
  17. ChocoClover

    Questions about the pregnancy

    Yes, I know I've posted a lot here lately. I know some basic stuff about pregnant bunnies, like when to put the nest box in, how to palpate, the gestation period, etc. I'd like to know more about: - when should you stop taking her out of her cage? I like to hold her (in fact I'm holding her...
  18. ChocoClover

    The adventures of Shirley, Theo, and Snowy!

    I should have made a forum for them when I first joined, right? Anyways, I first got them about a month ago. My previous (adorable, fluffy, sweet, etc.) mini Rex, Otis, was an amazing experience. I was so sad (still am, actually) about his death. Of course, I wanted another rabbit. I found...
  19. ChocoClover

    Little Guy

    My first rabbit, Otis, passed about a month and a week ago. He was such a sweet little guy. He loved to sit with me while I sat at my computer, or with my dad when he was at his. When I took him out on his harness, he would run run run. I was really hoping to get a companion for him, and was...
  20. ChocoClover

    Show Off Your Website!

    I know a lot of people have their own rabbitry website. I thought it would be cool to have a thread to show everyone's cool websites! Here's mine: I don't know why it didn't automatically make a link, but it's pretty easy to remember. Yeah, I know that they aren't...