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  1. Mei

    Please help! Rabbit ate dog food!

    Okay please help! My best friend's rabbit was caught eating dog food with animal protein in it!! Im not sure how much was eaten but we are really worried! Any advice?
  2. Mei

    Rabbit turning aggressive!!!

    So as many of you know, I got Yuki at the beginning of December, she was fixed in November. We instantly got attached! She is my little princess. Never have had a single issue. Now suddenly my 2 year old and I woke up, got out of bed, and she growled and was charging at him!!! It literally was...
  3. Mei

    Best brush for Mini Rex?

    So I am having troubles, I purchased a hair buster comb when I got Snowy (purebred lionhead), and it's worked wonders since day 1! BUT for some reason it barley gets anything off of Yuki! She is a purebred mini rex, so if anyone knows of any brushes that would work for her type of fur that would...
  4. Mei

    Where did you get your bunnies name from?

    I thought it would be kind of fun for all of us to talk about where we got our bunnies name from and why it's special to us! (Photos are super welcomed 🥰🥰🥰🥰) My rabbits both got their names from something I really love. Snowy (the lionhead) got his name from my favorite pokemons (alolan vulpix)...
  5. Mei

    Does your rabbit have any adorable quirk's ?

    I'd love to see if so! 🤗 Yuki has this thing when I am not in our room during the day AS much, she makes herself comfy between our pillows and under our blankets and sleeps 😍🐰I've never been so grateful to have such an amazing rabbit. I love her so much 😭😭🤎🤎🤎
  6. Mei

    Rabbit spraying in one area?

    So my new bun Yuki, she is a year old, she got spayed on November 23th and for some reason she's obsessed with spraying and pooping in the area BEHIND our bedroom door. Its kind of hard to block that area off since the door is there and even if I put a litter box there, she sprays and poops in...
  7. Mei

    Please take this poll -- rex or mini-rex?

    Okay so does she look like a rex or mini rex to you guys?
  8. Mei

    I said I wasn't going to ...but I did it.

    AND I DONT REGRET IT AT ALL lol she is so absolutely amazing! Everyone meet, Yuki 🤎 she was at the humane society and we instantly picked each other 🤎🤎🤎🐰
  9. Mei

    Should I get another bunny?

    Hello, so Snowy is now 7 months old, he's fixed and I just am starting to feel guilty. Im at my family's to visit for Thanksgiving and im looking in my pet cam at home and see him just sitting there alone and I feel so bad and heart broken for him. I usually take him with but this time I decided...
  10. Mei

    Share photos of your buns funniest moments!

    This is Snowy when a fan was blowing on him 🤣🤣🤎🤎🤎
  11. Mei

    New here, would really love some advice !

    Hello! Im Morgan, and this is my bun Snowy! We are new here and we would love some advice! So we have been having a really hard time with him eating any sort of veggies. I mean really hard time. He is super stubborn about it and I don't know what to do :( he won't touch any veggies at all...