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  1. pla725

    Urgent In Maryland

    CONCERNED: 41 rabbits seized after a house fire in PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY , MD. The rabbits are being held at Prince Georges county animal management 3750 Brown Station Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 301-780-7219 Pictures can be seen here...
  2. pla725

    Urgent in the Los Angeles area

    These rabbits are urgent. They are redlined. I got these off of Facebook. BENJAMIN Pet ID: A1307000 Sex: M Age: 1 Year Color: WHITE Breed: RABBIT SH Kennel: AVOR OC Animal Care Shelter 561 The City Drive South Orange...
  3. pla725


    The flu sucks. I feel like crap. I thought I would just share my pain. I missed a few days of work already. I did go into work for a few hours today but I think I'll stay home tomorrow. I think I will get the shot once I feel a bit better.
  4. pla725

    Holiday greetings

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Paula and the Bunny Bunch in New Jersey. :apollo:
  5. pla725

    Flip Flop

    I had to have Flip euthanized tonight. It was not a decision I took lightly. I could tell he was in pain and steadily declining. He could no longer stand and he was starting to waster away. He is at peace. I'll miss his little old man grumpy face and his squeaks and grunts while he eat...
  6. pla725


    My big grey girl Maddie passed away on Friday night. I noticed that she seemed off all day Friday. Maddie usually pounces on her food. She would even place her big body over the food to hide it from her mate Sawyer. When she didn't eat her dinner I decided not to mess around anymore and...
  7. pla725


    I came home tonight from work and ended up rushing Woody my mini lop to the emergency vet. It wasn't good news. He lost alot weight, dehydrated and labored breathing. vet said it may have and infection that caused the heart issue and pulmonary embloism. I let him go. I did let Ruby say...
  8. pla725


    With a heavy heart I am reporting my Willie passed on today. I rushed him to the emergency vet this morning. They did the exam including xrays. The tech brought him back into the room. I looked at him in his carrier and something was off. No response, no breathing. I went out and told the...
  9. pla725

    Home visit needed

    I volunteer for a rescue based in the southern part of NJ.We have a potential adoption for one of our rabbits in Brooklyn, NY. We also have a need for two visits in the Philadelphia area. We need someone with some experience to dothe home visits for us. If interested contact [email protected]
  10. pla725

    Hurricane Irene

    I live in New Jersey so I've been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Hurricane Irene. I already had the earth move under my feet this week, now this. My parents and other family members live south of me in Cape May. They are staying put for right now unless the storm goes right up...
  11. pla725


    My sweet Bono crossed the bridge this morning with his companion Ruby at his side. He is now with his first love Houdini. You can now see and binkie free my friend.
  12. pla725

    It rains, it pours

    I was checking the bun kids this morning before I headed off to work. I noticed that Ruby had a lump on her jaw. Great just what we both needed. I examined it when I got home and it appears to be an abscess. It is hard and red and looks like a scab on it. I made an appointment with the vet for...
  13. pla725


    I'm still dealing with this. I feel so numb. If it weren't for the fact that I was already sick with a Sinus Infection I think I would have had good cry by now. Goobie seemed fine until yesterday. I know rabbits hide their illnesses well. I didn't think anything of it at the time but she was...
  14. pla725

    The story of the Easter Bunny
  15. pla725


    I just got a letter from my condo association stating that during an inspection they discovered I had more than two pets. Anyway I understand that. When I moved in I was told it was okay to keep my four rabbits. I actually moved in with five (okay number five was a foster). Yes I did acquire...
  16. pla725

    movies with rabbits

    Hop opens on April 1st. Cute animated movie about the Easter Bunny. - This one seems interesting. Stars Florence Henderson as a rabbit rescuer. Comes out later in the year.
  17. pla725

    Year of the Rabbit

    2011 Year of the Rabbit Posted at 12:00 AM on Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010 By David Mas Masumoto The end of one year and the beginning of a new one makes me take notice, assess the year past and project into the year coming. According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, we are ending the year of...
  18. pla725


    It is snowing like crazy outside. They are predicting anywhere from 8 to 20" here. I left my parents' house in Cape May early this morning to get ahead of the snow. Cape May looks pretty in the snow. Now I am home and in for the night. Not sure if I have I have work tomorrow. Time will tell.
  19. pla725

    News of the day

    The North Adams man who broke into a construction site and killed five rabbits on the property was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Yet another store employee decides the fate of a pet store rabbit. At least he got caught in the act...
  20. pla725

    Partnership with Petco

    It's been a few years in the coming but For Bunny Sake has finally partnered with a major chain to host our rabbits on-site. The rabbits will be housed on site and our volunteers with care for the rabbits. We are starting with one store for now and may expand into a second in the near future...